How to wear joggers to look fabulous? Check out these 5 tips

Joggers are definitely the garment of choice for those who want to have fashion and comfort. Since the beginning of the confinement, many people choose to wear nicer and less complicated to combine outfits. However, knowing how to wear joggers is a must, if you want to look fabulous.

Since these garments are versatile, it is possible to create various jogger outfits ranging from casual to more elegant. But to achieve these results, you need to learn how to wear them. That's why, in this article, we show you our best tips that will inspire you in your look.

What are joggers?

Jogger pants are known for being the classic sweatpants and cousin of sport pants. Its main feature is its versatility and comfort to complete looks. In fact, joggers are now part of the athleisure trend, as it is a type of pant that many people are choosing as their favorite for sports.

How to wear fashionable joggers?

Jogger pants are the ultimate everyday wardrobe staple. The relaxed cut and adjustable waist make them perfect for lounging, dancing and working out. Despite their casual look, they can easily be dressed up for a night out with the right accessories. 

However, because there are such a wide variety of styles, designs and colors, wearing joggers to achieve a specific look can be tricky. Because you need to know how you can match them and which are the best jogger pants to wear, here are our tips: 

1- Classic Gym Jogger combined with sweatshirts


Are you a very active exerciser? The Classic Gym Jogger is the one for you. As they are loose fitting, to give better freedom of movement, it is ideal to complete it with an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers.

Baggy clothes have gained a lot of popularity for this season, so if you want to enjoy a good workout or have a comfortable walk in the streets, don't be afraid to wear this type of jogger. In addition, its light shade gives way for it to blend perfectly with a top of the same or even darker shades.

2- Wearing fitted joggers with blazers 

While most joggers on the market are loose fitting, there are other types of joggers that are fitted. And these are perfect for creating more elegant and formal outfits, as they adhere perfectly to the body and highlight the legs with style.

We recommend you to wear the Cotton Waffle Mineral-Washed Set, they are made with cotton-waffling technology to allow maximum breathability and rapid drying. Thanks to its style you can combine it with a black blazer and a white top. You can also add some high heels to give it that touch of elegance you desire. 

3- Match printed joggers with basic shirts 

It is unusual to see people wearing joggers with prints, as they are probably more complicated to match or less attractive. However, this doesn't mean that you should leave them in the background. 

To know how to wear this type of joggers, you just need to choose basic shirts in one shade, especially white. That way, you can create a visual balance of both garments and have a casual and quite comfortable look. These are some options:

Comfy Heart Jogger

This jogger is easy to love! Featuring pockets and ribbed cuffs, with an elastic waistband with drawstring for ease of wear. It's perfect for people who refuse to wear pajamas at home.

Comfy Floral Jogger


Our Comfy Floral Jogger is made with our softest Slub Sweater Knit. This garment features a floral print that will give you an effortlessly feminine look. Plus, it's ideal for the spring season.

4- Combine them with long cardigans 

We already know that joggers are a very versatile garment, since you can wear them in very cold or very hot seasons and still you will not be out of fashion. A tip we offer you is to combine your joggers with long cardigans.

But what cardigan can you wear? One option we recommend is this Longline Open-Front Cardigan with Back Yoke. A basic garment, but with perfect coverage. Also, you can wear it under a crop top and together with joggers you will have a fashionable outfit.

5- Include denim jacket

One option you should try is to wear joggers with a denim jacket. You probably think this is a strange mix, but you might be surprised to know that many celebrities, such as Selena Gómez, have proven that a chic and refreshing look can be achieved.

However, to achieve these results, try wearing a light-colored denim jacket and choose white or black joggers. If you want to be more adventurous, include a pair of black boots, and you'll be ready to hit the streets. 

Tips to consider when choosing a pair of joggers

When choosing the right pair of joggers, you must take into account certain details. One of them is the fabric, as it should provide comfort in the areas of the hips, thighs and bottom, it is important to verify that it is made of a quality material.

The fit of your joggers is also crucial. You should look for a pair that tapers at the ankle, just above your shoes. To prevent them from looking too long, you can roll up the ankles.

Also, when you want to wear joggers, remember to think about the occasion. Whether you want an elegant look or a casual one, you need to pair it. Look for accessories or jewelry that will help complement your style. Lastly, consider the colors and prints your joggers will include. That way, you'll know how to pair them with tops, shoes or jackets.   

Want to wear fashionable joggers? Get them at Boutique Deauville 

We hope that with our tips you now know how to wear fashionable joggers. There are many combinations and styles you can create, so take a look at our collection to find more lovely designs. 

If you want to have more information, you can contact us through our social media or visit us at 4050 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montreal, QC H4P 1V5, Canada. In our store we have a variety of products that will make you look fabulous this season. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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