How to choose printed clothes for a modern style in 2022?

Printed clothing is one of the most complicated garments to wear. This is because the print can cause the figure to look outstanding or unfavorable to the eyes of others. Therefore, choosing printed clothes is usually a complete odyssey if you don't know about it.

Many people to avoid going through the problems of printed designer clothes prefer to eliminate them from their closet. However, there is no need to resort to such extremes, as with this article we will teach you the main factors to take into account to choose printed clothes as a professional. let's get started!

1- Take into account the colors

The base color of the outfit as the colors of the print play a fundamental role in the structure of the garment. Of course, there is an infinity of colors available, but to choose a printed garment in Canada you must visualize that it is appropriate for your skin tone and hair.

One tip you can put into practice when choosing printed clothing is to stand in front of a mirror with the printed leggings, dress or t-shirt, then see what stands out more, is it the print or your face? That way, it will be easier for you to choose.   

2- Know your contrast

Contrast is one of the most important factors, which is complemented by the colors of the garment. If you choose a modern clothing print, you have to know first what your contrast is. There are currently three levels: high, medium high and low. Here are the details:

High contrast

High contrast is when there are two totally noticeable different colors (black-light), in this case, when your hair is dark, eyes are medium dark and your skin is light (there is a contrast). This means that this type of contrast must be present in your print, i.e., two noticeable shades.

Medium-high contrast

Medium-high contrast is also distinguished in two colors, but it is not as strong as high contrast. Usually, this category is represented by people with dark hair but with light eyes and skin. Therefore, the shades will be warmer.

Low contrast

Finally, in low contrast, the existence of two colors is hardly noticeable. People with light hair, eyes and skin are a clear example of this contrast, which indicates that this is the pattern that should be repeated in your prints. In any case, even if it is difficult for you to choose according to your contrast, you can get advice from a clothing designer.

3- The size of the scale

Another factor to choose printed clothes in 2022, is to pay attention to the scale size of the print. There are very large, large, medium and small sizes. That said, if you are looking for women's printed clothing, you need to choose one according to your scale, better said, your body structure.

For example, people with a thinner or more delicate bone structure are better off with small or medium prints. On the other hand, if your features are larger, then choose printed clothing tailored to your frame.

4- Choose the right density

Now, the size of the scale is complemented by the correct density of the print. Let's call density the space between one print and another. For this, there is the high density, which is when not much space is found; on the other hand, we have the low density, when the space is very noticeable in any fashion printed clothing

To choose printed clothes and get a modern style, consider whether you want to look slimmer or the opposite. For example, if you want to gain more volume, you can opt for low density prints.

5- Check the print quality

One of the big challenges of choosing printed clothes online is to make sure that the print is of quality. For this, always check the descriptions of the garments. In any case you don't have it, you can contact the sellers on social networks to get more information. 

Women's printed clothing you can choose from

Whenever you decide to choose printed clothing take into account the factors we mentioned above so that you make a good investment in your modern style this year 2022. With that said, here are some printed clothes that can help you achieve that style:

High Rise Wild Side Jacquard Leggings.

High Rise

We all have a wild side! These solid-colored printed leggings contain an embossed texture. The inner lining ensures your freedom of movement, while the discreet phone pouch at the waistband gives you the ability to easily access your phone.

Jill Camo Star Slub Jogger 

We all need one of these in our closet! This printed jogger with star design brings you quality with its soft fabric. They contain an elastic waistband with drawstring to adjust it to your convenience. Perfect for your modern style. 

Play Cardi Full Moon Camo

Full Moon Camo

A long, open front cardigan with our signature cool camo and erosion leopard print. Made from a soft, lightweight cotton blend - ideal for starting your print sweater collection!

With these tips and these trendy women's clothing options you can put together your modern style with printed clothing for this 2022 without fear. Trust your instincts and always select a garment that can highlight your personality. If you want to get more tips or get updated with fashion trends, keep visiting our blog.

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