How to wear leggings the right way in 2021?

Leggings are gaining more and more popularity among the comfortable and versatile outfits to wear this 2021. However, like any other article of clothing, you need to follow certain tips that will help you know how to wear leggings correctly to be fashionable.

Nowadays, many celebrities choose to wear leggings, which has made us want to take these garments out of our closet or buy new styles and create cute outfits with leggings. To make your task easier, here we will show you our best fashion tips and ideas. Take note!

Popular leggings style

To know how to style leggings, it's helpful to learn about the various styles and designs you can find in an online women's clothing store, as that way you'll choose the leggings that can provide you with the best comfort, safety and quality. Here are the most popular options:

Slick runway leggings 

Faux fur or leather leggings never go out of style. They are popular for creating the best casual outfits with leggings, but you can also use them for an evening event, without losing the glamour. 

Specialty band essential lycra highwaist leggings

Specialty band

With mesh side pockets and strategic seamlines for a sleek silhouette, these fitted leggings also feature a specially constructed high waistband for an additional slimming result and body shaping. With this style, you'll have a variety of leggings set ideas that you'll learn more about below.

Runway leggings 

These styles of leggings contain a thicker fabric with better coverage, which gives them a modern pant look. They are great to wear any time of the year and you can create a variety of outfits.

High rise wild side Jacquard leggings

High rise wild side Jacquard leggings

We all have a wild side! These solid-colored leggings are constructed from Jacquard Textured Leopard with a raised texture. The inner lining ensures your freedom of movement, while the discreet phone pouch at the waistband gives you the ability to stay hands-free with easy access to your phone.

Outfit ideas with leggings

Now that you know some popular styles, how do you wear leggings to create the best outfits this year? Here are our ideas, taking into account the colors, patterns and look you need to achieve.

Combine leggings with printed shirts.

The first outfit you can create when wearing leggings, is to pair it with a printed shirt. If you decide on a white shirt with an 80's print, along with a faux leather legging or gray leggings, you will have a vintage and chic combination.  

This outfit will make you feel comfortable wherever you go. If you want to achieve a more casual look, then select a more casual legging and experiment with wearing the shirt tucked in. 

Leggings with beautiful dresses

Another trendy outfit is to wear leggings with a dress. To make you look beautiful, try to wear a dress different from the color of the leggings. For example, if you wear dresses with pastel colors, the bottom part would look good with a dark color.

A tip for how to wear leggings with a dress, try not to match them in color, especially if they contain bold prints. If so, opt for leggings in a solid color and pair your outfit with light makeup

Leggings with sweaters

Are you one of those people who love to wear trendy sweaters? Pairing it with leggings is a great option. Especially for winter seasons, this outfit will make you look stylish and fashionable, even if you're just going out for groceries near your home.

Combine leggings with crop tops

Crop tops are designed to feel free, fresh and comforting. When combined with leggings, you will get a sportier style. It is a very popular outfit to wear when you want to do physical activity or when you want to show off your body in summer time.

Plus size outfit ideas with leggings 

Who says fitted leggings don't work for plus sizes? Thanks to the versatility of this garment, it doesn't matter what size or style you are, what matters is knowing how to wear leggings appropriately for any occasion. Here are some spectacular combinations:

Leggings with jackets 

Wear leggings with a long jacket, this will allow you to lengthen and highlight your figure. Under these garments, you can add a basic loose shirt or a blouse that highlights your curves. In addition, you can finish your look with a natural makeup

Leggings with oversize shirt

Pair your leggings with an oversized or long enough shirt that gives the appearance of a dress. That way, you'll look great for any casual date and you won't have to worry about exposing too many body parts you might not like.  

Leggings with tunics

Tunics are the perfect alternative to combine with any set of leggings. Due to the structure of this outfit, similar to a long shirt paired with a dress, it gives flattering vertical lines to the body. Wearing leggings with a tunic will be your must-have winter outfit.

What shoes to wear with leggings?

Shoes are also part of the complement to your outfit. When wearing leggings, it is very common to opt for a pair of sneakers, since they match perfectly.  

However, if you're going out at night, you'll want to make sure you have a pair of boots. Boots are the perfect combination for what to wear with leggings, especially if you live in a place with winter weather. If you're heading to a dinner party, try pairing a black shirt and black ankle-high boots with leggings.

Faux leather leggings look great with a pair of high heels, especially if you want a glamorous and daring look. Another option is to wear flat ballerinas, they look sexier and comfortable.  

Tips on how to wear leggings

Of course, wearing leggings is not complicated, nor does it require you to follow strict fashion rules. In the end, you choose the way you want to combine the garments in your closet. However, it doesn't hurt to know these tips that can help you:
  • Purchase leggings that fit your body perfectly, neither too loose, nor too tight to the skin.
  • Use leggings that are long enough.
  • Accessories embellish clothing ensembles; add modern handbags, necklaces or earrings.
  • Try to wear patterned leggings on occasions that warrant it, so as not to cramp your style.
  • Leggings should be washed regularly, so they will keep their elasticity longer. 
  • Avoid wearing leggings to job interviews or during a job, unless it is allowed in the dress code. 

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