6 Modern Handbags You Must Get To Show Off This Fall!

We are in autumn, and new trends are coming to produce changes in our closets. One of the accessories you need to prepare for this season are modern handbags. With the passage of time there have been varieties in style, design, texture, among others, which have made it difficult to choose a modern style bag.

Nowadays, handbags have become the center of attention of every outfit. For that reason, in this article you will find a list of women's handbags that you must get to be fashionable this fall, read on!

Crocodile Embossed Bag

One of the modern bags that resonates for this season are the crocodile embossed bags. They are eye-catching for their imitative design of the skin of this animal, which imposes an elegant and exotic style to your outfits. In addition, one of its benefits is to find a wide range of colors, ideal for day or night.

This small bag can be easily carried crossed or put on one shoulder. On the other hand, you can also occupy it as a handbag to provide a different touch in style. 

If you don't have a trendy style bag like this, then you can opt for the Croco-Handbag. Perfect for carrying the essentials you want to take on a short trip, without losing your glamour.

Crystal Handbag

Crystal Handbag


You probably think that a crystal handbag can be ostentatious. However, in Canada there is a variety of affordable prices. With such a handbag, you will have a different style from the modern leather handbags that have been trending for a long time in the fall.

That being said, crystal handbags provide a sophisticated look; and if you are the type of person who likes to look stunning at work, then a small, shiny handbag like the Crystal Handbag is your solution.

Don't be afraid to dare to wear bags with flashy embellishments in a cold season; this bag will probably be the sparkle you need to brighten up your warm outfits.   

Animal Print Designer Handbags

One of the extremely must-have modern handbags for fall, are animal prints. However, the most popular one is the leopard print designer one. 

Animal print designer bags are flattered by the minimalist effect that attracts the attention of young people. Small bags will give a vintage touch to your attire; while, large bags for women will captivate looks. 

The main feature of this design is that it can be mixed with different colors of your garment, however for a chic look, use monochromatic black. That way, you decide whether you want a formal or casual contrast.  

So that you don't run out this fall without your animal print bag, you can purchase this lovely Save My Bag Leopard Tote, sized to carry your belongings safely and stylishly. 

Modern Suede Handbags

Modern leather handbags are always on trend in any season, and fall is no exception. The suede bag is special because of its thick and soft leather. In addition, it is available in a variety of brown tones, which give a retro touch to its style, which combines spectacularly with the autumn leaves.

It is a perfect choice in casual bags for women, as it makes it an incredible travel companion and provides durability due to its material. It also offers versatility in its fastening, either as a handbag or slung over the shoulder.

One of the best options in vintage handbags for sale online is this Eleana Handbag & Cross body. It contains a cube shape, which gives it a cool combination of classic and modern.

Braided Handbag 

Braided handbag

Buying affordable women's handbags, but that do not lose the sense of fashion, is one of the difficult tasks to perform. In autumn, you can't miss the braided handbag. As its name says, it is a handbag with a braided design, which can be found in different formats.

This type of bags in black color are ideal if you need to add a touch of rock or remember the styles of the 90s. But if you are looking for a more minimalist style and one that goes well with your quilted coats, then you can try this Braided Vegan Handbag. 

Trendy Shoulder Bag Style Handbags

Finally, to complete your collection of women's handbags that you must have this season, there are the amazing shoulder bags. These types of bags are very popular because of their practicality and adaptability in matching outfits.

Among the various styles of shoulder bags, the most sought after are those of medium size and with a long strap. As for their design, this will depend on the taste of the person, since some prefer the flashy and others keep a simple but sophisticated style.

A suggestion option in women's handbags online is this Igor Handbag & Cross Body. Available in an unadorned rectangular design for a casual look. A bag that you can adjust its strap with or take it off and turn it into a small handbag. 

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