Hoodies for women: 4 options to look fashionable in winter

Women's hoodies are a versatile item that will never go out of style. In fact, when cold weather approaches, we all run to our closet for warm old sweatshirts to help create the perfect outfit. 

Now, with winter visiting, the demand for women's sweatshirts online has been on the rise, which means new styles and designs. Fortunately, so that you don't get left behind with these trends, in this article we present you the 4 women's sweatshirt options that will make you look amazing this 2022. 

Hoodie options for women.

It's a fact that, all of us women, keep old and, probably, outdated hoodies - and that's not a bad thing! However, sometimes, it's good to revamp our closet for winter. New styles are always the order of the day and these alternatives will give you a special touch:

1- Pink Floyd 1973 Live On Stage Oversized Hoodie

Do you like rock music, especially the band Pink Floyd? Well, this women's sweatshirt will meet your expectations. Its print comprises the date 1973 along with its word "Dark Side of the Moon", the band's eighth album. 

The sound experience of the release matches the album's original artwork, which now appears on one of the most popular women's winter sweatshirts for Pink Floyd fans.  Definitely, wearing a garment like this will give you a vintage and comfortable look for any casual outfit you want to create.   

2- Cold-Shoulder Cropped Hoodie Top

Cold-Shoulder Cropped

Women's sweatshirts have both classic and modern designs. This women's hooded sweatshirt for women is the second option. Its style comprises bare shoulders and a cut above the hips. Therefore, it makes it an ideal garment for women who want to highlight their waist.

In addition, having a hoodie in this style, allows you to achieve a modern look. Nowadays, many celebrities choose to wear it mostly with leggings to give a more sporty or fitness look.

3- Open Front Longline Hoodie Cardigan

Women's long sweatshirts are perfect for creating an elegant style to any outfit. They are made with a thick, cozy fabric that you can layer over a shirt or even a sports bra. 

In addition, these women's sweatshirts contain pockets at the ends to protect your hands, just like a regular sweater. These sweatshirts are very practical and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

4- Mineral-Washed Cotton Hoodie Top

Mineral-Washed Cotton Hoodie Top

For colder days, women's slightly oversized hoodies are the best choice. It has long sleeves and kangaroo pockets for storage. It's perfect for layering or wearing alone, either way it won't detract from the style of your look.

This black sweatshirt is a staple in any woman's closet. Its style is more classic, but if you combine it with a jogger, you will have a totally relaxed outfit. Besides, it is a garment that goes well in any season, which means it will be a good fashion investment. 

Tips for choosing the ideal hoodie

Choosing a hoodie for women may seem simple, but what if you buy one and don't end up liking it? So that you don't go through that, here are our tips that will help you select a hoodie well:

  • Warm sweatshirts for women come in many different colors and styles, and you should look for those that complement your style and body. For example, if you are tall and slim, a long sweatshirt will highlight that figure.
  • It is also important to find a sweatshirt that will not shrink or lose its quality after a few washes. You'd better read the descriptions of the women's sweatshirts for sale available.
  • Depending on the activities or environment you participate in, you can choose a hoodie that is comfortable and keeps you warm.
  • In any garment, fabric is a key factor to consider. Check that the fabric quality of your women's hoodie is adequate. 
  • Make sure the sleeve is loose enough to move freely. Likewise, remember that the hoodie should cover the neck.
  • Also, don't forget to check the sizes so that it fits your body properly.
  • Sometimes, buying more than one style of women's hoodies is better than one, as you will have more alternative looks.

With these tips, you will now avoid choosing a women's sweatshirt at random. Remember that you are investing in your style and it is best to think carefully about what kind of garment suits your preferences and your look. 

What is the best hoodie store for women?

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