5 fashionable sportswear options for training with style

Do you have the goal of starting to go to the gym in this year? If so, keep in mind that one way to get more motivated is to choose a fashionable sportswear that is right for you. Not only will this make you feel comfortable, but you'll be wearing clothes that are perfectly designed for any workout. 

Workout clothes don't have to be boring. Today, there are many sportswear brands that offer a wide variety of designs to select from. That's why, in this article, we took on the task of selecting our top picks for you to train in style this 2022.   

1- Printed sportswear

Many women prefer to wear simple sports outfits, that is, with a single color and no details. However, if you are one of those who want to look like a star, go for leggings and sports bras with print.

This type of sportswear will never go out of fashion, as they provide a different style and also usually help to detail the body figure. If you want to work out in style, you can opt for the Textured Star Jacquard Tactel, featuring star prints and made of nylon microfiber for softness, flexibility and strength. 

2- Long sleeve crop tops 

Crop tops, over time, have proven to be an extremely popular piece for women. We have already seen them on several fashion runways for this season, and now we will also see them in athletic fashion

One of the advantages of wearing crop tops with long sleeves is their coverage on the arms, ideal for women who do not want to show too much; and ease to make different types of movements with the body, since we can also find garments not suitable for the gym. These are some of the designs available:

Cropped Long-Sleeve Hoodie Top


If you like clothes that are not tight-fitting, the long sleeve crop top with hood is a good choice. It is made of a blend of polyester, cotton and a dash of spandex. A garment that can keep you warm in cold weather and cover you from harmful UV rays.

Cold Shoulder Cropped Hoodie Top

If you thought crop tops with long sleeves couldn't get any more interesting, this garment will change your mind. It is a sweatshirt featuring bare shoulders, creating a more modern and feminine style. You can pair it with high-fit leggings or stretch shorts.

3- Lycra workout clothes

Fashion sportswear can be found made of different materials, such is the case of lycra activewear. One of the most popular options and preferred by many celebrities such as Bella Hadid, as it provides more flexibility and comfort.

This type of activewear is also known for fitting properly to the body and creating a slimming appearance. There are many styles, but we recommend this Specialty Band Essential Lycra Highwaist Legging, featuring pockets on the sides. Or you can opt for the Highwaist Performance Mesh Panel Full Leggings. Both are perfect for starting your routine. 

4- Shorts 

If you are one of those women who don't feel comfortable wearing leggings, then change them for shorts. These garments also stand out in sports fashion, since they are very versatile and functional.   

With this piece you can create amazing casual outfits, as well as use them when you need to perform intense exercises in the thighs. They are very popular to see them on people who do cycling, spinning and more. 

At Deauville Boutique, we recommend you to choose Black Star Foil Highwaist Biker Shorts, which are made of solid color polyester and spandex fabric, and decorated with black star foil. Perfect for wicking moisture and pairing with a sports bra or hoodie.

5- Include the shirt in your fashionable sportswear

If there's one classic garment in sports outfits, it's the famous basic shirt. In fact, it's so indispensable that when people don't have a proper sports outfit, they opt for a plain shirt and some old shorts or leggings. 

However, while it may seem like a boring piece to include in your fashion sportswear, there are now a wide variety of styles and designs that give it a different and more modern touch. Here are some options:

Essential Wave Side Top


This top is a must-have in every closet. It has a wavy side and a softly angled V-neckline. Wear it for an athletic look or pair it with other pieces to create casual ensembles.  

Tie-Back Flow Longline Top

Take this long, breathable tee for brisk walks, extreme workouts or for use at home. The slit in the back makes this garment even breathable, as it offers easy access to the breeze. It also features a rounded neckline and loose sleeves, giving it a more feminine touch.

Get your fashionable sportswear with Boutique Deauville

We hope our recommendations on fashionable sportswear will be useful for you. But if you think it's still not enough, you can take a look at our collection. There you will find a wide variety of styles and designs in leggings, sports bras, shirts and shorts, all at an affordable price!

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