5 styles of women's earrings to look fabulous

Women's earrings are everywhere, and it is always important to have a variety of styles to choose from. Designs can be determined by your personal preference, the occasion you are wearing them for, or the type of outfit you want to create. 

There are so many styles of earrings to look fabulous in that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Here we'll take a look at some popular women's earrings that are available in our store. Let's get started!

1- Modern earrings

Modern earring designs are perfect for women who are looking for enhancement. Usually, this style of earring is used by celebrities or runway models. However, you can also wear them without any problem.

The main feature of these designer earrings for women is their elegance and freshness. They are the perfect option to complete your formal attire and steal people's eyes. Some alternatives for you are:

Mini doughnut huggies

Mini doughnut huggies

These gold earrings for women contain a half hoop design, like a crescent moon shape. It has no extra embellishments, making it a simple yet sophisticated accessory for any elegant event. In addition, you also have the option of choosing it silver plated.

Mini baguette half hoop

Unlike the other earring, this one contains cubic zirconia and its design is compared to the structure of a crystal staircase. This modern style is ideal for formal or elegant outfits. You can also complete this accessory with a pendant or bracelet. Here you can read some tips on how to choose the right bracelet.

2- Classic women's earrings

Classic women's earrings never go out of style, as their style gives them versatility for any outfit you decide to wear for a special event, a casual outing or an important office meeting. Some designs for you are:

Cartwheel baguette stud

This one is listed in the list of women's hoop earrings. It contains flower design with zirconia, which enhance your figure. The flower shaped earrings are very pretty. These can be worn with a long loose dress for a simple look or to liven up a totally muted outfit. 

Sunlit hoop earrings

Sunlit hoop earrings

Add to your collection of women's earrings with this pair of sunseeker figurines. It features a studded huggie design with a sunseeker shape adorned with clear crystals. If you prefer a simpler finish, opt to wear the studless side on the front.

These can be worn with a casual or semi-formal outfit. You can also pair it with other styles of women's earrings, to make a more daring and youthful look.  

Unfold heart ivory gold earrings 

Heart earrings are also very popular. These look dazzling with any kind of style. You can pair it with any outfit and still look amazing. This piece offers a feminine yet modern feel. 

The earring posts are hypoallergenic and made of sterling silver, making them easy to incorporate into any type of outfit you wear. An unparalleled choice of earrings for women in Canada.

3- Crystal earrings

Crystal women's earrings will make you look fabulous, thanks to the gemstones. These styles are perfect if you want to draw attention to certain areas of your body. For example, if you have a beautiful and delicate facial structure, Swarovski crystals will really catch the light. The options available are:

Butterfly crystals studd

They are silver plated earrings containing Swarovski crystals in the wings of the butterfly. You can opt for this accessory if you want to get a more casual but beautiful and cute style. 

Star pave stud earrings 

The small star earrings stand out thanks to their gold crystals. They are your ideal choice if you are looking for an accessory that will help you highlight your delicacy. It will be your favorite style to shine with class at any event. 

4- Enamel earrings

Since ancient times, enamel earrings have been a symbol of beauty and style. They have survived for centuries thanks to their practical beauty. Today, they remain a captivating and fashionable jewelry accessory. 

You can wear them anytime you want to add a splash of color to your look. Also. It is a good alternative of cheap earrings for women. Here's a recommendation:

Enamel layering huggies 

With this set of 3 pairs you can complement your daytime outfits. These are special for a more natural, expressive and casual style. In addition, you can combine it with some of the modern bags available at Boutique Deauville.

5- Dangling earrings

The most sought after earrings for women online, are the dangle style ones. They are ideal to get a more minimalist but totally elegant look. They are characterized by long and thin chains accompanied with heart designs, cross, gemstones, among others. Here are some options:

Dangling heart earring

Contains a single rope type chain that can be gold or silver plated, according to your preference. Adorned with a heart shape at the end of the pendant to perfectly match the fluidity of the chain.  

Star dangling huggies 

A totally innovative option, in women's earrings, is this accessory that combines classic, modern and dangling style. It provides versatility to complete your outfits in any occasion. It contains crystals that adorn the earring hoop and the figure. 

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