5 tips for finding a signature scent based on your preferences

The task of finding a signature scent that fits your preferences is not as simple as it seems. It requires evaluating aspects such as the perfume scents available, the scent's adaptation to your skin, thinking about your tastes and many other things that will help you know how to choose a perfume.

Fortunately, so that the search for your favorite scent doesn't get complicated (even if you're new to the subject), here are 5 essential tips and some perfume ideas for you that will make you start the new year smelling great. 

1- Discover the note you are most attracted to

Every perfume is composed of scent notes, which are the special ingredients. There are three types of scent notes: top notes, heart notes (middle notes) and base notes (base notes). When we approach a perfume store, the most predominant note is the top note.

Therefore, if you want to find a signature perfume, take the time to distinguish the three scent notes to evaluate if that fragrance fits what you are looking for, as it is likely that (by distinguishing another scent note) your perspective of the perfume will change.

2- Don't try too many perfume scents

Don't try too many perfume scents

Of course, to know how to find your signature scent you need to try many fragrances (until you choose the right one). However, control your scent impulse more than three scents, so you will avoid mixing scents and you won't end up confused.

An extra tip, every time you finish smelling a scent, try to get some fresh air and drink water to relax your nose. In case you have checked three fragrances and still can't find a signature scent that convinces you, then continue the search another day. The important thing is not to overwhelm yourself with various types of fragrances that will detract from the final choice. 

3- Finding a signature scent that is good for you

It is a fact that the best scents are found in famous brands, but probably that perfumed scent is not the right one for you. Perfume selection is a personal thing, meaning that the fragrance your best friend uses may smell wonderful, but if you use it, it wouldn't have the same effect.

Each person has a different skin pH, which means that the scent reaction of the perfume is different. Therefore, if you have hormone changes, you also run the risk that your chosen perfume will no longer work the same way on you. What to do about this? Look for another signature scent that fits the new changes.

4- A beautiful perfume like your brand

Finding a signature scent means thinking about your personal brand. Scents trigger memories, emotions and personality, which means that the fragrance you choose will represent your essence, it will send a message towards others. On the other hand, it will also become a portal to reminisce about your favorite moments. 

However, some people have difficulties to get the perfume that smells best, that is why, in several internet sites, you will find fragrance tests that help to have a guide or idea of your possible tastes, facilitating the search.

5- Identify what you smell

It is not enough to just apply the scent on your forearm, you must apply it and identify what kind of scents make up the perfume. This is important for a more efficient scent purification. In the process you will probably also discover other scents that you have never smelled before. 

Therefore, to find your signature scent, take 30 minutes (after application) and concentrate on what your nose feels, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant to you those types of perfume scents

Perfume ideas for you

The tips we mentioned above are favorable for finding a signature scent that is perfect for you. In the market, you will have an incredible variety of perfumes, however in this section we want to present you our available alternatives and that maybe they will become part of your signature:

Amber Eau De Parfum Spray

Amber Eau De Parfum Spray

This fragrance embodies the perfect combination of our signature scent with a new way to enjoy amber. Fresh, inspiring and unique, Nemat Amber blends with your body chemistry to create your own favorite fragrance. Plus, it's one of the ingredients that will linger in scent and bring you wellness.

Valley Of Flowers Eau De Parfum 

Stroll through a vibrant field in full bloom. Fresh notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine petals and peony blossoms soften in a lasting trail of warm amber, textured woods and creamy musk. A signature scent for women who love to enjoy natural, fresh scents.

Côte d'Azur Eau De Parfum

Find your signature scent with its sun-drenched notes of Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood. Côte d'Azur embodies the glamour and warmth of the legendary destination. It is a perfume that you can spray on the warmth of your body but you can also add it to your hair, without risking damage.

Desertland Eau De Parfum

The essence of a blooming green desert shimmers in the warm air. Bright, crisp notes of juniper berry and aromatic lavender wrapped in bronzed pine and Texas cedarwood, capturing both the sandy warmth of the day and the cool vastness of the quiet night. This could become your official signature scent!

Finding a signature scent is not a necessity. It's simply a way to make yourself memorable. It's about knowing yourself and what's important to you. If you want to learn more about fashion tips or trends, check out our blog or reach out to us on our social media for more fragrances.

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