The latest fashion for ladies that spring 2022 has to offer

Spring 2022 makes its appearance with amazing trends that will mark the latest fashion for ladies. From accessories, clothes, shoes and colors, this season offers us a new opportunity to find an ideal look that brings us some good vibes.

To keep you updated with the latest fashion trends, in this article we will count down the styles and designs that you will find in all the stores in Canada. Hopefully you'll get inspired and put together beautiful spring outfits.

1-  Crochet is everywhere this spring

On the runways of many designers, the crochet element is present in a large part of the looks. One of the celebrities who has been seen wearing this fashion is Harry Styles, who caused a furor by wearing it in his hit music video Watermelon Sugar.

Currently, crochet has been part of the ladies' fashion for this 2022. For that reason, we will see a lot of crop tops, cardigans and dresses in colors very representative of spring. Besides, the accessories are not left behind either, in our store you can find the following: Wayuu Crochet Evil Eye Bag and Flower Crochet Pouch.

2- Let's swap coats for jackets 


It is known that the entrance of spring also means new airs. It is in this season that we put aside our winter coats to bring back the jackets. Therefore, in the new fashion for ladies, leather or denim jackets will be the sensation for this 2022. 

Which ladies fashion jacket can you wear? We recommend you the vintage washed corduroy buttoned up shirt jacket, with it you will have a 2 in 1 garment, since you can use it as an outfit complement or as a simple shirt.

3- Pastel colors in ladies' fashion

Spring has opened its doors to pay attention to women's clothing. While explosive colors have flooded the fashion runways, pastel colors are not far behind. Among the shades that stand out the most are: pink, baby blue and yellow. These are some of the styles of women's clothing available:

Jonah Sunset Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt may be the best garment you can wear in spring. Not only is it versatile, but it looks perfect with jeans for a casual look; on the other hand, if you want a sporty look, then pair it with leggings.

Cyprus Washed Pant


This pant is made for hanging out around the house or when you want to go out. Designed for comfort and casual style. Pair it with a crop top or include a cardigan and feel refreshed this spring!

4- Miniskirts and shorts are in.

Did you think that in spring there would be no fashion for tall ladies? Let us tell you that miniskirts and shorts are perfect for people with tall stature, as they commonly have long legs. However, even if you are small in stature it is a good option that adds extra inches.

One of the reasons why miniskirts and shorts have taken presence is because of the return of Y2K fashion. Chanel, Prada, Blumarine and more have brought them back on their fashion runways. 

5- Monochromatic style 

While spring brings us very cheerful shades, the monochromatic style will also be present in ladies' fashion. In previous years we used to combine different colors for our outfits, however, now we visualize a monochromatic look from head to toe.

Among the most popular items you will find are dresses, as it is the most practical garment to wear. You can opt for a drea mini dress combine it with a beautiful black cardigan fringed arm, lastly include ankle boots or a black sneaker.

6-  The return of the 80's and 90's

Following the fashion for ladies, Chanel's collection presented at Paris Fashion Week has shown that the 80's and 90's are back in spring. Models paraded in chunky-heeled Mary Jane shoes and low-heeled sandals.

As for their accessories, they were very representative of that era, namely thick and flashy chains. The outfits were presented in a black and white color, a timeless combination that does not go unnoticed by Chanel.   

How can you commemorate the return of the 80s and 90s? We recommend you to opt for our rolling stones 1981 US tour boyfriend tee, ideal for girls who love this band and want to remember the rock energy of those years. Complement your outfit with a pair of high-waisted denim jeans or ripped pants for a vintage look.

7- The crop top is present in ladies' fashion

With the confinement, most women decided to replace their tops with sweatshirts. It was the most worn garment during those years, but now it's different. In spring you want to look sexier and highlight your figure, and the garment to achieve this goal is the crop top.

The fashion runways have already told us that showing skin will be crucial. So remember to wear this button front cropped top with raglan cap sleeves, which will give you an attractive and casual look. The amazing thing about this garment is that its versatility allows you to combine it with any outfit. Whether you wear it for sports, going out with your friends or hanging out at home, this crop top will make you feel fashionable. 

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