DayDreamer clothing you must get to stay on trend this spring

Are you a lover of the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's? A fan of classic Rock 'N' Roll bands? DayDreamer clothing has taken it upon itself to bring the best experience in taste, experience and style from these years.

The story behind DayDreamer clothing is a unique one, based on the life journey of designer Laura Glover. Her story shows her as a music lover and DIY fashion girl. She takes a unique approach to designing clothing, using only the best fabrics, prints and designs to express the feelings of those who wear them.

Anyone who wears a DayDreamer T-shirt will be projected into a unique and wonderful journey, ideal for a woman with dreams. If you want to know more about the DayDreamer clothing brand, here are some alternatives you can choose for this spring, pay attention!

Authentic and inspirational style with DayDreamer clothing

The DayDreamer clothing goes beyond a bohemian lifestyle. Their collection is bold, authentic, inspiring, imaginative and unconventional. Most of their T-shirts feature iconic bands that marked the history of the Rock 'N' Roll genre. Therefore, each garment is designed to evoke experiences or connections to a genre, a memory or an icon.

Here are some of the DayDreamer clothes you will find at Boutique Deauville that will take you back to those amazing years and start an unparalleled spring journey.

1- Pink Floyd 1973 Live On Stage Oversized Hoodie

We know that hoodies for women are the most comfortable choice in clothing. Whether we decide to take a walk in the park, a hike with friends or hang out at home, feeling relaxed is paramount. That's why the DayDreamer clothing sale has included this beautiful hoodie with a print of one of the most iconic bands of all time, Pink Floyd.

What could be better than having the memory of the debut of "Dark Side of the Moon" on your clothing? Any Rock 'N' Roll lover knows that Pink Floyd has cultivated many hits, and this album is no exception. Therefore, the best way to remember it is through this sweatshirt.

The hood is designed with a drawstring, high and low hem. Made of soft 100% cotton French terry, with a perfect feel and worn-in look. A perfect garment to create casual outfits and have a more vintage style wherever you go. If you want to buy this amazing sweatshirt, click here.

2- Rolling Stones 1981 Us Tour Boyfriend Tee


Don't want to wear a sweatshirt in the spring? Then choose an iconic shirt like the one brought to you by DayDreamer clothing in Canada. Our Rolling Stones shirt is one of the trends you can appreciate in spring. Not only is it all about getting vintage style, but this garment matches the radiant colors of the season.

The Rolling Stones' black shirt is far from going out of style, especially when it frames one of their most memorable events. In 1981, the band managed to have 2 million attendees at their concert, setting records in ticket sales.

If that wasn't enough, this DayDreamer t-shirt is designed with dazzling stars and explosions to bring to life its symbol of rock energy and freedom of expression. Now, when you want to look authentic and relive the moment, include the Rolling Stones 1981 Us Tour Boyfriend Tee in your closet.

3- DayDreamer clothing: Billy Joel Us '78 Tour Tee

We've already noticed that DayDreamer clothing always has something to tell us. Well, the Billy Joel Us '78 Tour Tee is no exception. Who wouldn't want to wear one of the best-selling musicians of all time? His hits are many, but the most important has been "Piano Man".

The Billy Joel US '78 Tour DayDreamer T-Shirt features the front and center of Joel's piano highlighted in some sparkles and stage lights to give you all the presence you need. There's no better way than going back in time than with music icons. Enjoy your spring with this amazing clothing.

4- The Beach Boys 1983 Vintage Tour Tee

Want to bring good vibes into the spring season? Do it with DayDreamer clothing. The Beach Boys was one of the bands that captivated many with their sweet melodies and different vocals. That's why this vintage shirt has decided to capture their essence with the print of a surfer dominating the waves.

Even if you are in spring, this beautiful shirt will also be a gateway to welcome summer. The advantage of this garment is that you can combine it with jeans, baggy or skinny pants. Also, you can opt for shorts and complete it with sneakers.

You will look amazing with any of the combinations, as it is a very versatile and comfortable shirt. If you want to buy your The Beach Boys shirt, click here.

5- Ramones Crest Notch Neck Thermal


Continuing with the iconic bands of the moment, the DayDreamer clothing brand didn't leave out the Ramones either. They were one of the most popular punk rock bands, and one of their logos that went down in rock history is the seal of the president of the United States.

But what was its significance? The U.S. presidential seal emblem represents his American roots. The presence of the eagle with the baseball bat symbolizes Johnny's fanaticism for the sport. And the apple branch represents his American apple pie energies. In addition, to conclude the logo, we visualize the names of the members around it. A real piece of art!

Now, to remember this event, this shirt with sleeves from DayDreamer contains the print of the iconic Ramones logo. An ideal garment to wear in spring and combine it as you like. Whether you want a bohemian or casual style, it certainly means that wearing the Ramones shirt is special. 

Get more DayDreamer clothing at Boutique Deauville

If these options from the DayDreamer clothing brand have managed to captivate you, then we invite you to take a look at our DayDreamer collection. You can find other options to choose to wear this spring and look on trend.

For more information, please visit us at 4050 Rue Jean-Talon O, Montréal, QC H4P 1V5, Canada. You can also contact us through our social media. Don't miss any of our promotions or new seasonal products, it will be a pleasure to serve you!

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