The 10 best kerastase products: Guide definitive

Kerastase products

The fabulous Kerastase products are a line for hair care of French origin and are made to the highest standards. The Kerastase line, founded in 1964 by scientists from L’Oreal Advanced Research, distributes products internationally and in Boutique Deauville we have a large stock of their best treatments. This prestigious brand, part of L’Oreal’s Professional Products Division, has captivated thousands of people around the world. That is why in this article we will tell you which are the best Kerastaseproducts, so that you have no excuses and know how to buy the right products for your hair.

1. Treatment with Kerastase: Aura Botanica Dry Hair Set

Aura Botanica Dry Hair Set

The first place goes to the Aura Botanica Dry Hair Set. This is a collection that is based on ingredients of natural origin. Its ingredients are first class and include Moroccan argan oil, Mexican aloe vera, Amazonian nut oil and Thai rice bran oil.

2. For blond hair : Blond Absolut Lumiere gift set

Blond Absolut Lumiere

Number two is the Blond Absolut Lumiere gift set. This Kerastase collection provides deep and immediate care for all blond hair fibers. With this collection you will achieve a perfect blonde. And if that’s not enough, it maintains and perfects cool tones, using deep-acting UV neutralizers. This is rated as one of the best Kerastase hair products.

3. Pack densifique x potentialiste

Pack densifique x potentialiste

This product is a scalp microbiome strengthening serum. It is excellent as a restorer for all hair types. Its benefits include restoring hair shine for unparalleled hair. Densifique x potentialiste bundle is the right choice for your hair.


Discipline x potentialiste bundle

The Discipline x potentialiste bundle collection has been in high demand for its ability to smooth hair and its anti-frizz formula. Without a doubt, it is perfect for anyone who wants to tame eternally unruly hair. If you suffer from thick, dull and frizzy hair, this line is the perfect solution and is part of the Kerastase nutritive collections.

5. Another Kerastase hair treatment

Elixir Ultime Hair Oil Set

The Elixir Ultime Hair Oil Set collection is composed of three fundamental products: Bain Elixir Ultime Shampoo, nourishing and suitable for all hair types; Fondant Elixir Ultime Conditioner, also suitable for all hair types; and Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil, an oil that enhances shine and provides a delicious fragrance, accompanied by an anti-frizz formula. It is a complete deep-acting hair treatment with immediate results from the first application.

6. Kerastase Products: Fusio Scrub Sensitive Scalp Home Treatment Hair Care Set

Fusio Scrub Sensitive Scalp

Another fantastic collection we have in our catalog is Fusio Scrub Sensitive Scalp. This collection is a must have for you. A soothing and hypoallergenic cleansing shampoo, a scalp mask and a scrub that will definitely leave your hair flawless and beautiful. It is a highly recommended treatment in cases of mild dandruff or fungal problems on the scalp. Kerastase shampoo is ideal for keeping the scalp clean and dry.

7. Nutritive x potentialiste bundle: kerastase hair treatment

Nutritive x potentialiste bundle

In our Kerastase review we found this excellent nutritive combo. It is the Nutritive x potentialiste bundle. It is ideal for maintaining healthy hair, which is very difficult these days. Dry hair will no longer be a problem because with the shampoo, conditioner and hair nectar you will achieve incredible results and highly nourished hair.

8. Kerastase hair with Masque Apres Soleil Hair Mask

Kerastase conditioner

This Kerastase conditioner has a special formula designed to protect your hair from the sun. This wheat-based formula will give your hair a sublime look, similar to the hair of a magazine model. Remember that the sun naturally damages hair strands, causing them to dry out and lose shine. If you went to the beach this mask will be ideal to soothe the scalp after a long exposure to the sun.

9. Shampoo with sun protection: one of the best Kerastase products.

Bain Après-Soleil

From this same collection you can also find the Bain Après-Soleil which comes in a gel texture and is also scalp soothing. A wash with this shampoo after a summer day will bring back the shine you need to your hair. 


10. Laque Noire Strong Hold Hair Spray

 Laque Noire Strong Hold Hair Spray

Another star product of the brand is Laque Noire Strong Hold Hair Spray. It is an ideal product for all hair types and provides excellent hold for any hairstyle. It leaves no residue and protects from humidity at all times. It is the perfect product to apply before heading out for a long day at work. 

Of course, there are more products that will make you very happy. However, you may be asking yourself: is kerastase worth it? And the answer is yes, without a doubt. These products enjoy great popularity because they have proven, over the years, that they are functional and meet the needs of our hair. At Boutique Deauvillewe have everything you need to take care of your hair, take a look at ourstoreand get to know all our brands.

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