3 reasons to wear a gold necklace and look fabulous

Looking for ways to complete your look for the day? Wearing a gold necklace can be the piece of jewelry you need to make an impact with your outfit. Over time, these accessories have become an essential part of fashion among women and men.

A gold chain necklace for women or men can represent a radical change in personal style. However, not everyone considers it important to add a special touch to their look with jewelry. For this reason, here are the main reasons to wear a gold necklace, our designs and tips.

Gold necklace designs to wear

In any jewelry store you will find diversity in styles and designs: gold necklace with thick chain, thin; with pendant, without details, among others, which will end up adapting to your personal preferences. At Boutique Deauville we show you these available alternatives:

Pin crystal lock necklace

It is a thick and eye-catching gold chain link necklace, which can help you highlight your outfit and also your face. Thick chains are an excellent alternative of gold necklace for men. With this design, you will have a very elegant and casual style at the same time.

Oval tennis necklace 

There are some exclusive necklaces for special events. The tennis gold chain necklace is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious styles because of its crystal decoration. It is an excellent choice of gold necklace for weddings that will complete your dress, hairstyle and makeup.

Mama bubble crystal necklace

The gold name necklace is one of the most personal pieces of jewelry, since you can include your name or a special word. With this accessory you give a more chic style to your outfits.

Light flow gold locket necklace

Light flow gold locket necklace

Tarot card necklaces are a strong trend in gold necklaces for women. Each design has a deep and essential meaning for your life. You can choose from your favorite cards and match it with any casual outfit.

How to wear a gold chain necklace?

If you've ever wondered how to wear a gold necklace, you're not alone. There are many ways to wear this timeless garment. These tips can help you make the most of your new accessory and highlight your body's best features. 

Style your closet

When you decide to wear a gold necklace, check your closet for matching outfits. A gold chain necklace looks best on a basic white shirt, with a round or triangular collar. That way, you will highlight your neck, your face and the softness of your skin

On the other hand, for a more glamorous touch, combine a cardigan in dark shades with a white gold chain necklace or you can wear layered necklaces. This way you get a perfect balance between your outfit and the accessory.

For men, if you combine a thick gold necklace with a long collared shirt, it will be a perfect fashion style for winter. Moreover, it will highlight your most attractive, elegant and timeless side.

Wear a gold necklace that fits your face

When wearing a gold necklace, you should consider the shape of your face. Generally, a round face will look rounder with a long, thin gold chain. An elongated, thin face will look better with a short gold necklace. But if your face is long, a longer necklace could make your face look flatter. If your face is round, opt for a thinner or shorter version.

Combine with other accessories

Many people prefer to limit themselves to one piece of jewelry to complete their outfits; however, it never hurts to include more sparkling pieces to highlight your best features. By choosing a gold necklace and a pair of bracelets or anklets, you'll experience a whole new style.

Reasons to wear a gold necklace

Gold necklaces have a certain history that has marked their value in the present. They used to be known as a sign of service; then, they became part of a symbol of wealth; and now, they are part of fashion trends and outfit complements. Let's delve a little deeper into the reasons to wear a real gold necklace

1- Symbol of social status and well-being

Jewelry, especially those made of gold, has been considered by different cultures as sacred and also as a symbol of a person's status in society. Nowadays, a gold necklace can be considered a luxurious preference, and people who own it can pay for it.  

That means, if you want to increase your status in people's eyes, wearing a gold necklace is the sophisticated piece you need. In addition, it has been mentioned that gold possesses therapeutic qualities essential for your well-being and optimal performance.  

2- Be part of fashion 

As we mentioned to you, jewelry pieces are part of fashion. There won't be an outfit you see on the street or runways without an accessory. The gold necklace is eye-catching, extravagant, delicate and elegant. Thanks to the diversity of designs and styles, you can select the one that best suits your style or special event.

3- Jewel as a family heirloom 

Jewelry pieces are enduring accessories that you can pass down from generation to generation. With a gold necklace, you can give it a more familiar and unique meaning. However, it can also become an excellent and meaningful gift for the other person, and keep a special memory. 

There is variety to choose from for a gold necklace in Canada, but it is important to take the time to evaluate the piece and make it part of your favorite gift collection.  

How much does a gold necklace cost?

A gold necklace for sale can vary in price depending on the location, design and material in which you get it. For example, gold necklaces with crystal decorations are usually more expensive than one made of silver or stainless steel.    

If you want to buy a gold necklace online, try to inform yourself and put into practice the tips on how to use them, because that way you will have an overview of what you are looking for and need. Remember that it is better to invest in a quality and durable product.  

Where to buy a gold necklace in Quebec?

Now you know all the necessary details to wear a gold necklace, you can put them into practice and look spectacular with your outfits. One store option you can visit is Boutique Deauville, here we have a variety of exclusive, beautiful and unique jewelry at great prices for you to choose the best gold necklace in Quebec.  

You can visit us at 4050 Rue Jean-Talon OH4P 1V5, Montréal, QC or follow us on our social networks to know the other products available on promotion. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and not miss any detail of our store.

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