Valentine's day jewelry: 5 gift ideas for your loved one

Don't know how to spoil your partner? How about some jewelry for Valentine's Day? These types of items are perfect for people who want to show their partner the meaning of their true love. Plus, it's a viable alternative if you want to leave the flowers and chocolates on the back burner. 

Over the years, jewelry has gained more popularity for being a timeless piece that contains variety in styles and designs. Therefore, giving a pair of earrings, a bracelet or chain can be the most precious object for your partner.  

Having said all of the above, to help you in the selection of Valentine's Day jewelry gifts, in this article we want to show you some ideas in style and jewelry designs that will end up captivating the heart of your soul mate. Take note!

1- Rings for Valentine's Day 

A Valentine's Day jewelry that you should give as a gift is a ring. Any ring for that person will be the most special way to say "I love you" and show your love. These pieces can symbolize marriage, however their meaning goes beyond that.

Now, the rings represent eternity, gratitude, love and promise to a loved one. Thanks to their variety of designs, it is possible to select one that expresses your feelings and a special occasion. Here are our recommendations:

Valentine's Day Jewelry: Love Ring

Love Ring

A ring containing the word "love" is ideal if you want to remind your partner at every moment that your love is special. You can order it in silver or gold, depending on the preferences of who receives it. Something we can highlight about this piece is its incredible design, which is totally different from the classic.  

Heart Pave Ring

Do you think your partner might like flashy Valentine's Day gifts? If so, a ring with a heart made of sparkling crystals will be perfect. Not only will it stand out among the other accessories, you will also show her how much you love her.

Stacks Of Opal Pinks Eternity 

A perfect token of love is to give her an eternity ring. These types of rings symbolize eternal love between couples. Therefore, it is ideal if you want to use Valentine's Day as an excuse to commit to marriage. 

2- Tarot necklaces

Tarot necklaces are jewelry for Valentine's Day that are also worth giving as a gift. Why? Because that kind of jewelry contains a special connection between the person who wears it and the course of his or her life. In fact, if your partner likes the world of divination, this alternative will be a good gift.

For example, if your partner is constantly going through bad situations, then an affirmation necklace will attract (with positive affirmations) better times and more stability in his or her life. If you want to know more about these necklaces, read this article: Tarot card necklaces: 4 models that you must get.

3- Valentine's Day Jewelry: Anklets

Anklets are wonderful valentine jewelry for her. If you want to give her something different, you will love this option. Usually, anklets are more popular in summer time, but when we give jewelry as a gift, what will count is the feeling we want to convey at the moment. 

Therefore, a pair of anklets can be the best token of love, especially if you are the one who puts them on the ankle. To make the detail more romantic, choose an anklet that has hearts like Heart Enamel Anklet or for something more sophisticated there is Tennis Anklet.  

4- Give earrings as a Valentine's Day gift

Earrings are the most comfortable and popular piece of jewelry you can offer a woman. These Valentine's Day jewelry are ideal for women who do a lot of activities on the go. Plus, they have the advantage of blending very well with clothing. Here are some options:

Heartseeker Hoop Gold Earrings

Heart silhouette earrings never go out of fashion on Valentine's Day. In fact, it is a meaningful way to add the sentiment of love in jewelry. They are elongated earrings that feature a dangling studded design framed by an engraved sunburst halo.

Butterfly Crystals Studd

Do you want to give earrings with crystals as a gift? Then go for this type of style. This piece of jewelry contains the figure of a butterfly adorned with Swarovski crystals. Perfectly designed to give a feminine touch and comfort to wear.

5- Bracelets for Valentine's Day

A bracelet is a classic choice for a Valentine's Day gift, and a woman's wrist will surely appreciate it. From romantic to dazzling, there are many options available and what will suit your partner's style. Here are some jewelry for Valentine's Day:

Love U Tennis Bracelet

A great bracelet can make hearts race. This piece, has the combination of the words "I love you" and crystals, to make it a luxurious, elegant and delicate gift. When your partner receives it, they're sure to think it's one of the best jewelry gifts for Valentine's Day.

Heart And Initial Bracelet 

Heart And Initial Bracelet

Personalized Valentine's Day jewelry is the best token of love. Every woman loves to have a piece of jewelry engraved with her initial or her partner's initial. So, gift her a bracelet with your initial so that she remembers you at all times.

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These are our Valentine's Day jewelry ideas, which, for sure, will leave your partner enchanted. Remember that it doesn't matter the day or the moment you give her your gift, but the token of your affection. Therefore, look for the jewelry that best represents your relationship.

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