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Kerastase Curl Manifesto Set For Curly Hair

Designed for naturally curly hair, the Kerastase Curl Manifesto range offers a complete care routine to maintain and define beautiful curls. It combines effective ingredients with easy application. Its patented ingredients, such as biomimetic ceramide, strengthen weak strands from the inside out.


Bain Hydration Douceur Shampoo, 250 ml
Fondant Hydratation Essentielle Conditioner, 200 ml
Refresh Absolu Hair Spray, 190 ml

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Goldwell Dualsense Curls & Waves Hydrating Serum Spray

Whether your hair is straight, curly or naturally wavy, this hydrating leave-in serum spray will help control frizz and add moisture. Designed for fine to normal hair, the formula features a microPROtec complex that delivers essential care ingredients quickly and evenly. It also improves the bounce and elasticity of the hair.

Product Benefits

Goldwell's Leave-In Curls and Waves Hydrating Serum Spray is perfect for curly and wavy hair. It's secret ingredient? A patented microPROtec complex and milk protein. This easy-to-use spray instantly strengthens the hair fibre from within, pumping up limp curls and waves. This hydrating spray also tames frizz while protecting the hair from heat. 

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Davines Love Curl Primer

Using the Davines Love Curl Primer is one of the best ways to prepare curly or wavy hair for styling and blow drying. This product helps to protect hair from heat damage and humidity, which adds shine and definition to waves.

Product Benefits

Moisturizing, blow-drying preparation milk for wavy or curly hair. Moisturizing milk that gives definition to the hair, untangling it and making styling easy. With an anti-humidity effect and protecting hair from heat. Ideal for wavy or curly hair.

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Davines Love Curl Shampoo

Using Davines Love Curl Shampoo is a great way to enhance the volume and bounce of your curls. This shampoo is made from the highest quality natural ingredients. It leaves your hair softer and more supple. It also helps define your curls.

Product Benefits

Elasticising and controlling shampoo for wavy or curly hair.Creamy shampoo to give elasticity to curly or wavy hair. The moisturizing formula cleanses the hair, makes it soft and light enhancing its volume, shine and without compromising texture.

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Sebastian Twisted Curl Lifter Mousse

 the Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Lifter mousse will give your hair the added flexibility that it needs to create the bouncy, natural-looking curls that you are looking for. This product is part of the Categoria FLEX range, and is designed for all hair types, including curly hair. The mousse will give your hair the bounce and definition that it needs, and can be used either blow-drying or allowed to air dry. It is also designed to help control frizz and to promote flexibility.

 Product Benefits

Boost hair elasticity and control hair frizz with Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Lifter Styling Foam. This professional styling mousse enables to style natural-looking curls without hair feeling sticky or crunchy. Sebastian Curl Lifter hair styling foam helps to tame frizz and create long lasting curls that bounce with renewed energy.

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Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream

Using a good quality curl cream is a great way to moisturize and define your hair. This particular product is a leave-in conditioner that helps define curls, fight frizz, and adds a soft finish. The product is also infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and antioxidant rich argan oil, and can be used on both damp and dry hair.

Using a good quality curl cream is a great way to moisturize and define your hair. This particular product is a leave-in conditioner that helps define curls, fight frizz, and adds a soft finish. The product is also infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and antioxidant rich argan oil, and can be used on both damp and dry hair.

 Product Benefits

 For natural curls and waves that look shiny, shapely and beautifully refreshed, Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream is a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes and fights stubborn frizz without stickiness. Infused with nourishing argan oil and vitamins to keep wavy and curly hair looking hydrated and touchably soft all day.

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Moisturize Your Curls With Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream

Getting the most out of your curls requires more than just moisturizing and protecting them from the elements. A good masque or masque duo will do the trick. Using the right combination of products, you can turn dry and damaged hair into shiny, healthy strands. The right cream will also add a lot of volume to your tresses.

Product Benefits

Formulated for naturally curly and wavy hair with an advanced technology that offers intense conditioning and detangling properties. Delivers exceptional movement to hair while enhancing natural curls and offering optimal hold, adding volume, control and shine as well as providing humidity resistance. A no-fuss, all-in-one styling product that replaces the regular cocktailing of several styling products such as leave-in conditioner, gel, mousse.

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Using a hair mousse is a great way to bring out the best in your locks. In addition to adding some much needed moisture, it can also help to keep frizz at bay, as well as help to define natural curls and create some much needed waves.

Product Benefits

Get the natural shape of your hair to come out and play with this Curl Shaping Mousse. A true lightweight foam that will easily work through your hair’s texture, this is going to help bring out the natural shape of those waves and curls, and them keep them in place while repelling the humidity that creates the frizz we all hate so much. This is also going to offer heat protection from both environmental factors as well as any of the styling tools that you want to adapt your shape and style.

  • Designed for curly and wavy hair
  • A lightweight mouse that helps repel humidity and offers heat protection
  • Comes in a 175 ml spray can

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Lakme K.Style Curl Action Curl Activator Gel

Designed for wavy or curly hair, the Lakme K.Style Curl Action Hottest Curl Activator Gel defines, nourishes and protects curly hair. Its unique formula is infused with Keratin and Ceramide protectors, to give hair added moisture and elasticity. The product also features a natural barrier that protects hair against UV damage.

Product Benefits

Reveals curls with dramatic definitio elasticity and moisturizing, a natural barrier to protect the hair structure from the damaging effects of free radicals UV Protection , Thermal Protection ,Color Safe ,Long lasting Hold ,High Humidity resistance


Apply on damp hair distribute evenly before drying diffuse or dry naturally.


Great for wavy or curly hair.

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Davines This Is A Curl Gel Oil

Whether you have thick, wavy or tight curls, Davines This is A Curl Gel Oil is the perfect product to enhance your natural curls. This gel-oil transforms your hair into a soft touch and leaves each strand hydrated. It gives definition and defines your curls and adds a little shine.

Product Benefits

Transformative gel- to- oil for well-defined, hydrated curls. Ideal for culry to coily hair. A transformative gel-to-oil texture, with hydrating properties for curl shape and definition. The Extreme Moisturizing factor  in the formula provides moisture to the strand controlling frizz while the Extreme Bounce Factor  provides definition, leaving the hair naturally soft and shiny. Ideal for bouncy defined curly to coily hairHold strength: 3/5

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Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo

Featuring an infusion of Abyssinian Oil, this formula can help to detangle and enhance your curls with a healthy shine. This shampoo will also remove unwanted frizz and leave your hair feeling soft and manageable. You should follow up with the Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Conditioner.

Product Benefits

A curl-boosting shampoo with nourishing Argan oil to restore elasticity, shine and manageability. Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo gently cleanses to reveal noticeably soft and smooth curls that are full of definition and free of unwanted frizz. A blend of hydrolyzed vegetable protein and Abyssinian oil strengthens and protects, for weightless curls that look and feel healthy with bounce and movement.

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Oligo Curl Balm

Whether you have a straight hair type or you have naturally curly hair, this Oligo Curl Balm will help you define your waves while retaining their bounce and smoothness. This lightweight, color-safe formula is infused with Osmosis Complex technology to help your hair stay smooth and frizz-free. It is also infused with seaweed, minerals, and gluten-free ingredients, which help balance moisture and shine.

Product Benefits

Embrace those curls of yours! Apply to clean damp hair to lock-in and define your natural curls. This frizz-free formula will keep your waves shining but never stiff!


USE: Work through damp hair. Diffuse or dry naturally.

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                          Best Hair Tools For Curly Hair 

DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser For Curly Hair

Using the DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser for curly hair is a great way to help define your curls. This device uses 360-degree airflow to surround your curls and create frizz-free locks. It also provides touchable volume and definition, giving your hair the ultimate moisture and shine.

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