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The skin is our largest organ; did you know that? Apart from giving us the sense of touch, the skin protects us every day from many factors and possible damages. The skin takes care of us, yes… However, how much do we do to take care of it? The truth is that we often neglect our skin.

If you are a man, this problem can be even greater. It is no secret that the world of men’s cosmetics is always overshadowed by beauty products that are generally focused on women. The truth is that both men and women need to take care of our bodies and feel good, without any distinction.

That’s why, from Boutique Deauville, where we are experts in everything related to personal care products, we would like to present you our top 5 skin care products for men. Do you want to know them? Continue reading!

Top skin care tips

What are the best skin care for men? Well, we can’ t separate skin care according to gender. We should take care of it in the same way regardless of that.

The skin needs to be properly cleansed on a daily basis. With a good bath, this would be solved. In addition, the skin needs to be kept hydrated. Adequate water consumption and a good diet would be ideal. However, some skin care products would not be a bad idea.

To protect the skin, it would be convenient to use some sunscreen, this if you are used to walk for long periods of time. It is true, we need the sun, but taking it in excess or for a long time can be counterproductive as a whole.

In addition to the above: in general, the skin ages faster when exposed to the sun too much; burns and redness will not be long in coming, as well as other major problems (such as the appearance of spots and even the development of skin cancer). In short, skin care requires special attention.

The best skin care products for men

With all of the above clarified, we present our list of recommendations for men’s skin care. There is little to add at this time. You can explore and even purchase each product by clicking on its name within the text or in our online store (by clicking here). Let’s take a look:

1. Yonka Foam Scrub

Our list starts with a triplet from the Yonka brand, which also ventures into the men’s beauty products market. Foam Scrub is sure to become your best cleansing ally. This product will exfoliate your skin, help remove dead skin cells and make it look clean and radiant.

The recommended application of Foam Scrub is two to three times a week, ideally after shaving and before applying any other protective product. Dare to try it and look amazing!

2. Yonka Foam Gel

We continue with Yonka, this time regarding one of its natural skin care products for men: Foam Gel. It is made up of some essential ingredients such as licorice, copper lily and natural sweet lime oil.

As you can see, it is a foaming gel that combines gentle botanical emulsifiers with purifying and cleansing ingredients. Your skin will never dry out again with the application of Foam Gel. Apply it in the morning or at night.

3. Age Defense by Yonka

Yonka Age Defense

The third product on our list corresponds to the latest from Yonka presented here: Age Defense. It is one of many sustainable men’s skin care products offered by Boutique Deauville.

As the name suggests, this product slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and help prevent the signs of aging. In addition, it is a powerful skin moisturizer that acts progressively thanks to its wonderful ingredients: virgin baobab oil, grapefruit essential oil, moringa, beech bud phytostimulins and imperata cylindrica.

How to apply Age Defense? It is recommended to use it daily in the morning, after daily facial cleansing. Preferably after shaving.

4. Dermabrasion treatment by Nioxin

The fourth of our product recommendations for men in terms of skin care is:  Dermabrasion treatment by Nioxin. In case you were in doubt, the scalp is also part of the skin, so its care is essential and this product is ideal for it.

With Dermabrasion treatment, you will practically have a new scalp. It will help regenerate the skin in the area and remove any kind of residue that may be affecting its health (such as dead cells or oil) and even the growth and resistance of the hair.

Using it is easy: just massage it in, as if it were a shampoo. Preferably, it is recommended to massage in a grid pattern for one minute intensively. Afterwards, let it sit for ten minutes and then rinse. In no time you will start to see incredible results!

5. Argan Blend Shave Oil by Lock Stock & Barrel

Argan Blend Shave Oil by Lock Stock & Barrel

Shaving is part of many men’s routine and, incredibly, many men don’t know how to do it properly and their skin is constantly irritated. Introducing another sustainable men’s skin care product: Argan Blend Shave Oil by Lock Stock & Barrel.

Argan Blend Shave Oil is a suitable product for vegans: cruelty-free and with no added synthetic components. Its main ingredient, argan oil is one of the best products to moisturize the skin and hair, so it is perfect for a proper shaving process.

How to use it? Simply moisten the skin and apply the product massaging evenly the area to be shaved (face, cheeks, neck…). The result will be a smooth, shiny skin without irritation of any kind.

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As you have seen, skin care is indispensable and has no gender distinction. In general, it’s something we all should always take care of. We hope we have helped you with our recommendations for men’s skin care products.

Have you been interested in any of the products offered above? You can find them in our store or in the corresponding links listed above. In addition, here you can find more products for men with Boutique Deauville. You can also find them divided by brand by clicking here.

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