How to revitalize your skin with the Luzern skincare routine?

Luzern skin care

Having a Luzern skin care routine is important. Environmental pollutants are known to be the main cause of premature aging. From simple sun exposure to the slightest dirt, they contribute to the weakening of the skin.

That’s why brands like Luzern have created a line of products formulated with exclusive ingredients that fight the signs of aging and keep your complexion healthy. If you want to know how to revitalize your skin with Luzern, continue reading our article. 

Luzern Skin Care Routine

There are good skin care products out there, but not all of them deliver the expected results. The Luzern brand has been known for making products with botanical ingredients from Switzerland. In addition to that, they contain the highest concentrations of natural ingredients, which makes them effective for all skin types and ages.

Therefore, if you want to change an ordinary skin care routine for a more comprehensive one, then take into account the following products to achieve the desired revitalization, even if your skin is badly damaged.

Cleanse your skin with L’Essentials Micellar Cleansing Water

Luzern L’Essentials Micellar Cleansing Water

Start Luzern’s skin care routine with L’Essentials Micellar Cleansing Water. This product is designed to remove all impurities caused by environmental factors. In addition, it has the advantage of toning and stimulating the skin’s cellular function for a fresh, youthful appearance. 

Intense exfoliation

Our Luzern skin care routine needs exfoliation. The L’essentials Au Vin Exfoliating Peel Treatment Pads are the ideal product to fluctuate with stress and even out the skin’s pH needs. Rub the pads over the face, neck or décolleté and remove with water after 5 minutes. This will remove dead skin cells or impurities that were missed with the cleanser.

A skin toner

Many people choose to exclude toner from their skin care routine. However, just like exfoliation or cleanser, toner has specific function to complete Luzern’s skin care routine. All toning essences are designed to strengthen the skin and restore its natural glow, also allowing better absorption for other products. 

Moisturizing for skin care

It is true that all of the above products include skin hydration. However, La Defense Daily Moisturizer has the special job of protecting your skin against potential damage from the world. The moisturizing quality is more intense that it will change your perspective with other moisturizers. 

If you want to know more Luzern brand moisturizers, visit our collection at Boutique Deauville. One of the best distributors of skin care products in Quebec.

Luzern treatments for your care routine

Luzern treatments are varied. They come in creams or serums, depending on the need you’re looking for. For example, if your goal is to diminish the appearance of fine lines for smooth skin, then Luzern Force de Vie Pure Oxygen Creme Luxe is for you.

On the other hand, serums are more multi-vitamin, perfect for providing an extra layer of hydration that will leave a more youthful appearance and smooth out pigmentation issues. One alternative you can choose is Absolut Serum V15.

Don’t forget the eye area

Serum Absolut Luminous Eye

Luzern’s skin care routine also includes our eye area. The eye contour area is where there are the first signs of aging, this is because it is the most delicate part of the area. 

That is why Luzern, besides having the best skin care products for women, also has good products for eye care. One of them is the Serum Absolut Luminous Eye, which is ideal to remove tired eyes, dark circles or expression lines. For more alternatives, click here.

Revitalize your hands with Luzern

Luzern skin care does not neglect our hands and forearms either. Thanks to the Hand Renewal Treatment Creme, you can now protect them from the visible signs of aging. This cream manages to intensely moisturize, without leaving annoying residue on the areas or surfaces you touch.

Luzern Skin Care: Lips

The skin care routine ends with your lips. Who doesn’t want soft, enviable lips? Luzern knows how important it is to keep them revitalized, which is why it has created Bio-Suisse Lip Enhancing Treatment. This product is also made from natural ingredients and is animal cruelty-free.

When you use it, you will feel healthy lips with more volume, ideal for women with thin lips. With this product, you will now have naturally moisturized and better textured lips. 

Get more Luzern skin care products at Boutique Deauville

All of Luzern’s products are designed to revitalize your skin. That’s why it is considered a leading company in the skin care industry, as its creations cover a variety of areas. Therefore, always choose cruelty-free and long-lasting products from the Luzern brand.

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