Tips and products to maintain healthy hair in winter

Having in winter is a challenge, especially since the freezing weather is one of the main factors contributing to dry and dull hair, which causes our image to be spoiled. Because of this, many women may feel insecure as they consider strong hair essential to start the day off right. 

Fortunately, there are some tips and products you can use to keep your hair in good condition during winter. If you want to know more about it, in this article we bring you the best tips for healthy hair. Take note!

Products for healthy hair

Having healthy hair is not a matter of magic, as it requires a lot of discipline, patience and, especially, the use of the right products to take good care of it. That said, it does not mean that all products are ideal for maintaining healthy hair, as some components are not suitable for all hair types. 

With this in mind, here are the products that can help you create a basic winter hair care routine:

1) Energizing Shampoo

One part of the hair that requires a lot of attention in winter is the scalp. Therefore, as a recommendation is to choose a shampoo that focuses on that part, since, that way, every time you wash your hair, you will be able to stimulate and take better care of the scalp.

Our energizing shampoo is ideal for weak hair, especially those prone to hair loss. With this product you will achieve healthy hair, a balanced scalp and better hydration to eliminate dryness. 

2) Oils to nourish dry hair

Oils to nourish dry hair

As we know, winter means a lot of wind, so you need to keep your hair hydrated at all costs. One of the products that can help you achieve this is Davines Oi Oil. It is a multifunctional hair oil designed to fight frizz and potential shine in any type of hair. 

3) Deep conditioning

During the winter, it is important to get deep conditioning treatments for healthy hair. The harsh winter air can not only dry out your hair, it also causes too much frizz. That's why it's important that after washing your hair, you use a conditioner that will give you the moisture you need. 

One conditioner we recommend is Moisture Balance from Oligo. A product made with natural ingredients that is free of parabens, gluten, sulfate and any artificial coloring to provide healthy, damage-free hair.

4) Hair protector

Hair protector

We know that the winter season doesn't stop us from wanting to use hot tools or needing a product to keep our hair in place. That's why the best way to complete basic hair care is to incorporate a styling protectant.

This type of product is perfect for reducing damage from hot tools that cause breakage and dryness. In addition, it is a good option to fix the hair and prevent it from frizzing or tangling in any hairstyle.

Essential tips for healthy winter hair

  • Proper brushing is a ritual that should be done more gently in winter. As a tip, comb your hair when it is wet or dry, but avoid using hot tools to do so, as hair is more fragile in winter.
  • It is recommended to avoid complete bleaching during the winter season because this makes the hair strands more sensitive and hair recovery may be delayed. 
  • For healthy hair, it is important to avoid the static that winter produces. Try to keep it moisturized and do not use hats if you feel that the air is too dry. Also avoid using products containing substances such as silicone. 
  • Never neglect your diet. Many studies have already shown that a balanced and healthy diet helps to result in healthy hair.
  • Engage in activities that can reduce your stress, as this affects hair health. 

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