How to achieve long lasting waves in your hair?


In order to look good and presentable it is important to have a good presentation of our whole body. This involves the way we dress, the way we make up, the way we speak and even the way we style our hair.

A good hairstyle can help you to get the right presentation for any kind of events or important work or academic meetings. Our hair is one of the most important parts of our body and is the one that allows us to do wonders to look good and different.

But in order to be able to carry out these processes or these changes through different methods, we must take care of our hair and implement different products that favor our hair and allow it to have a natural shine, without knots or anything that makes it feel dry.

The care of our hair depends entirely on each of us, so you can make any kind of change or hairstyle that does not leave your hair and achieve the goal you want to achieve, which is to make you look beautiful and unique.

Many times, all we need is to choose a good hairstyle that suits our features and helps us achieve the look we want. And it is clear that hairstyles can be selected according to the shape of your face, among other things.

This time, we will talk about the waves in our hair and how to make them last, since many times because we do not have the necessary tools and products are hairstyles that last only a few minutes or sometimes because our hair is too straight.

But, Boutique Deauville wants to share with your information on how to achieve long lasting waves in your hair, and to find the solution you were waiting for and clarify all your doubts through recommendations that you should follow to get the results you want.

In this way, we are ready to help you and you can show off the waves in your hair in a spectacular way, without fear that these in the blink of an eye disappear and that your hair looks meaningless.


Recommendations to create long lasting waves in your hair 

Waves are one of the easiest hairstyles that you can do on your hair and that you can do yourself, as long as you know how to do it properly and follow the instructions step by step.

In addition, it is part of one of the hairstyles in trend in 2021 that allows you to highlight the features of your face and make you look with an exceptional shine. This allows you to get a different look to a straightening or your hair in its natural state, making you look lighter and more elegant wherever you go.

And although you may think that this is a common hairstyle, it is one of those that can be done in different ways and different types so that every woman can choose the ideal one and the one she feels most comfortable with.

If what you want is to be spontaneous and show that your beauty can be perceived in a natural way, without so many complications and time, waves would be the ideal hairstyle for you and your personality, since it can be so long lasting as long as you do it in the right way.

You can wear waves at important and formal events, as well as casual events, it suits any type of outfit and the diversity of people who need to know if they can create that hairstyle in their hair. Best of all, your hair can be long or short and will always look perfect.

Boutique Deauville, wants to ensure that all its customers can get what they want and leave satisfied with the results obtained. Everyone deserves to look good, spectacular, in such a way that they feel comfortable.


Therefore, we will tell you 4 recommendations for long-lasting waves in your hair:


Do not wash your hair the same day you are going to make your hair waves

Because we are used to perform different processes when washing our hair such as the application of conditioners, rinse or treatments such as masks that allow softness, a more manageable and silky hair, it will not allow the wave to last longer.

On the other hand, if the hair is washed a night or a day before, the primordial effect has already passed a little and you will be able to make different changes since they can be maintained and improved in the way you wish.

Preferably, you can use dry shampoo that day, which will prevent your hair from looking too greasy if this is the situation you suffer from or from looking dull.

Avoid using products that soften your hair for at least one day.

This is because these products have the purpose of keeping your hair straight and they are the ones that fight for it to look more manageable and less unruly, thus allowing the shape you want to achieve in the waves to remain longer than applying products contrary to what you want to achieve.

This way, no matter how many movements you make, you won't be afraid of losing your hairstyle because it will be intact and you will be able to show it off in a spectacular way. There is nothing more important than a hairstyle that allows us to perform our activities without any problem and without harming us.

Uses the right tools and products

If you use the right and ideal stuff to be able to form your waves and they can last much longer than you think, no matter if you dance, if you move too much or if there is a lot of wind, they will always be intact and you will look great.

If you want good results, you must choose the most effective products and tools to ensure that any procedure performed on your hair is what you really wanted to achieve and, moreover, that it does not damage or harm the well-being of your hair.

For that reason, Boutique Deauville recommends you the diversity of tools that you can find in our store with brands such as Babyliss and its variety of curling irons and curling irons for your hair of different sizes and features that favor you in different ways, but with the same effective and efficient result.

Choose the type of curling iron or flat iron according to the type of waves you want to achieve

Being clear about the wave hairstyle you want to achieve, will allow you to get what you want when purchasing your Babyliss products, since there are different types of irons and curling irons that can create your waves the way you want as long as you get the right one and the one that will help you get the result you want.

If you want waves close to reach everyone or a little more noticeable, you can purchase the CURLING IRON WITH SPRING HANDLE, which will allow with its spring handle that you can make the necessary movements on your head to achieve your perfect waves at all times. With it you can decide whether you want your curls tight, loose or look like curls.

The POINTY BARREL CURLING IRON, this professional product will allow you to create more pronounced waves in the easiest and most practical way thanks to its technology that goes beyond a non-conventional product. You can rely on it to create the perfect look.

But, if what you want is a full curl or a very, very distinguished wave, it is important that you choose the CURLING IRON WITH IR WITHOUT clip, this Babyliss curling iron will do the same effective job and you can customize it with or without clip, as you wish. The tip helps you to carry the movements safely with its tip that does not heat up to avoid accidents.

These products designed for multiple hairstyles are the ones that bring the most effective and efficient results for any type of hair and make you achieve the hairstyle you want in a few simple and easy steps.

curling iron


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