How to achieve a natural root touch-up?


When we dye our hair, it also changes the tone of our face. This is evident, for example, with dark colors, which make our skin look smoother (and vice versa). This and others are the virtues of coloring our hair.

However, as our roots become more noticeable as our hair grows, the roots become more evident. Naturally hair has to grow out, but that doesn't mean we should neglect the color we've chosen.

Therefore, at Boutique Deauville, we will tell you how to achieve a natural root touch-up. Based on expert opinion, we will give you the best tips and recommend you the most requested products of the Color Wow brand, number 1 in Montreal.

Join us on this brief tour and discover how easy it is to touch up your roots naturally. But remember: visit your stylist regularly for a more complete advice on this procedure.

That said, let's get started!

Why retouch our hair roots?

woman applying bleach to her hair

It is important to touch up the roots of the hair at least once a month, due to hair growth and the heat of the head, which discolors the hair fiber. The best thing to do is to go to your stylist, but you can also do this procedure at home.

4 tips for a natural root touch-up

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From the urgent need to maintain a stylish and well colored hair, here are 4 tips that will make your life easier. By following them, you'll get great results and the process will feel easy.

First tip: wear a coat and gloves

The first thing you should do, once you have conceived the idea of touching up your roots, is to put on a cape. You should check that it is integral, that it fits snugly around your neck and covers your clothes.

In addition, we recommend wearing latex gloves. This way, you will have better ease in the gestures at the time of starting to dye. Also, there will be greater resistance to tearing and your hands will not be stained with ink.

Second tip: divide your hair into sections

Once the cape and gloves are in place, you must divide your hair into 4 sections. To do this, first make a parting in the middle, from the beginning to the nape of the neck. There will be 2 sections left that we will divide in half, at the height of the ear, with the help of clips or rubber bands.

We will do it this way, so that the dye is distributed in a better way. In addition, it will be more comfortable for us to apply the dye at the root, because we will be able to do it section by section, in a more homogeneous way.

Third tip: apply protective cream

Before you start applying the dye, it is necessary to put a protective cream (of your choice) on the contour of your face so that the dye does not stain your skin. Doing this will surely save you a lot of trouble when washing your scalp.

Fourth tip: use a dye similar to the one previously used

It is important that you apply a dye with a similar tone to the one you used previously, so that your hair does not have two different tones. As the intention of retouching the roots is to homogenize the hair tone, we recommend that you ask your stylist which dye is the most convenient for you to use.

Procedure to achieve a natural root touch-up


After the 4 tips above, it is important that you know the procedure to achieve a natural root touch-up in 5 steps. Below, we will explain in detail what you should do.

First step: mix the dye (optional)

One of the first steps is to mix peroxide with a little hair dye. For the mixture to be effective, make sure that the peroxide is twice as much as the hair dye.

That is, if you put 20 ml of dye, it will be 40 ml of peroxide. Then, mix properly with a trowel, in a non-metallic container and proceed with the application.


It is worth clarifying that you should not always make this mixture, unless you consider it necessary, because there are equally effective powder alternatives, but that are applied dry. More on this later.

Second step: apply it where your hair is not colored.

With the help of a brush or your hands, start applying dye from the root to where the color of the old dye begins. Then, to revive the color, you can pass the brush to the rest of the hair, but without going too deep.

This is because it is only intended to enhance the tone, without completely re-dyeing the hair fiber. Also, remember to massage with your fingers after application so that the dye compresses better and you get a better result.

Third step: let stand for a few minutes

After applying the dye, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes (depending on which one you use) before washing. Also, a tip to revive the color in the lengths of your hair is to massage it, so that the dye goes down to the rest of the hair.

Then, let it sit for another 5 minutes, and proceed with the rinsing.

Fourth step: wash your hair

Once the time has elapsed, you can rinse using conditioner and shampoo. In this way, you will remove the remains of dye not absorbed by the hair and you will be able to see the final result better.

If you used powder hair dye, remember that, unlike traditional hair dyes, they are more water resistant. Therefore, you don't have to worry about washing your hair freely, since you won't lose the root retouching you have done.

Fifth step: clean your face

Finally, wipe your face with a spot remover towel. This procedure will be easier thanks to the protective cream. However, it is very important because the dyes can be imprinted in the dermis if left on for too long.

Once this is done, you will also have completed your root touch-up. Of course, if you have any doubts about it, contact your trusted stylist. Remember that, despite being a simple procedure, with professional advice it can become a priceless moment.

What powder dyes are available?

Boutique Deauville

To achieve a natural root touch-up, the Color Wow brand offers a wide range of hair dyes. But remember that there are other alternatives to achieve a natural touch-up, without resorting to traditional hair dyes. These alternatives are powder dyes.

If you want to know a little more about them, here are 8 of the best, so you can get a good catalog and choose the one that best suits your needs. Let's get started!

Root cover up platinum blonde

Root cover up platinum blonde

One of the most popular hair dye shades is platinum blonde. However, something peculiar happens with this shade: the roots become more evident more quickly than with other dyes.

That's why it's important to be aware of these changes in our scalp. The solution proposed by Color Wow is Root cover up platinum blonde. This compound is fast acting and we assure you that it will eliminate the roots, so that your beautiful hair looks in perfect balance.

In addition, it will not dull your previous coloring and, being a professional powder compound, it adheres to the hair without being sticky. Also, it will not leave traces of grease or dry out your hair fiber.

You can find it for $40.00.

Root cover up blonde

Root cover up blonde

Blonde hair colors always arouse a certain amount of expectation. The same is true when it comes to treating it. However, with Root cover up blonde you can forget about such urgencies, because it is a dye made just for you.

This dye will offer total control over the protection of your roots. Moreover, its design will allow an easy use at the time of application. The results will be fast and according to what you are looking for.

You can find it for $40.00.

Root cover up medium brown

Root cover up medium brown

Touching up your hair, without drying it out or damaging it, sounds like a fantasy. However, with the right products, miracles are possible. The experts at Color Wow have developed a root treatment formula for dark hair called Root cover up medium brown.

With fast action and natural ingredients, you'll get a result that will amaze all your friends. That's because it won't dull your coloring and your hair will regain the shine it deserves.

You can find it for $40.00.

Root cover up red

Root cover up red

Enjoying the color of our choice is a right we richly deserve. That's why Color Wow offers a hair dye to touch up roots, making them a thing of the past: Root cover up red.

With this dye, you can balance the colors of your hair. In addition, you will bring strength and vitality, due to its water-resistant active ingredients. Your hair will look beautiful and elegant.

You can find it for $40.00.

Root cover up light brown

Root cover up light brown

Dyeing our hair is a very important personal decision. That's why when roots appear, we don't know how to react. If you are tired of them appearing quickly, the solution is Root cover up light brown.

This powder dye will allow you to cover up roots naturally and will also help to revive your hair color. Designed exclusively for you, Color Wow offers this life-changing powder dye that will change your life.

You can find it for $40.00.

Root cover up dark brown

Root cover up dark brown

Many people argue that they don't use hair dyes because they are harmful and heavy because of the chemicals they contain. However, with Root cover up dark brown you won't have to worry about that, because its natural formula will help stimulate and revitalize your hair fibers, starting at the root.

You can find it for $40.00.

Root cover up dark blonde

Root cover up dark blonde

With this hair dye, you will undoubtedly know what professionalism is. This proposal, Root cover up dark blonde, will allow you to touch up your roots in a natural way, without overexertion: the color of your hair will benefit and you will never again depend on traditional dyes, which damage the hair fiber.

You can find it for $40.00.

Root cover up black

Root cover up black

Finally, we can't stop talking about Root cover up black, whose functionality is one of the best. Being a powder dye, it is light and non-greasy, so it will offer unparalleled protection in the treatment of the roots.

In addition, due to its natural components, it will provide a delicious, moisturized and shiny final effect. Undoubtedly, you will find in this dye the ultimate solution to the discoloration of the roots in the hair.

You can also find it at $40.00.

Boutique Deauville, the home of the best hair dyes

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