4 hairband designs to embellish your hair

Headbands are one of the best options for creating interesting hairstyles. There are different types of hairbands for women that you can buy in stores or online. It doesn't really matter where you get your hair headband from or how you wear it, as long as it makes you look as unique and original as possible. 

At Deauville Boutique, we always have the latest in hair accessories. That's why today we present you a list of 4 headband designs that will beautify your hair and your look. Let's get started!  

1- Faux fur hairband

Do you like fluffy, soft and cuddly? This headband is designed with faux fur, which gives it a quilted look. It is ideal for use in winter seasons, as it will provide you with warmth. However, it is also an accessory that you can combine with casual outfits at other times of the year.  

You will get it in 4 color versions. If you are looking to highlight your hair, then opt for a light shade, such as a blue hairband. That way, you'll be able to show off your design and it will fit in well with your style. On the other hand, if you don't like fluffy hair, here's another alternative:

Leatherette classic hairband 

Unlike the other hairband, this one contains a very simple look, as its design is classic, unadorned, but made of leather. With this piece, you will feel comfortable wearing it, and it will also give your hair a more discreet and beautiful style, so don't forget to include it to your collection of headbands for women!

2- Luxury top knot velvet and jewls

Luxury top knot velvet and jewls

Need a more extravagant accessory? Then your best choice is a velvet hairband. Its shiny fabric is able to catch people's eyes; it is perfect for evening events. Besides, you can wear it with ponytails or loose hair, depending on your preference.

One of the reasons why you need to include it in your hair headband collection is because of its combination of precious jewels. Not only do they include pearls, they also contain Swarovski crystals around the bow for a more luxurious touch. Get the best pearl headbands and adapt them to your style!

3- Leatherette studd hairband

So far, we have mentioned special fabric headband designs for one occasion. However, with this accessory you will find versatility. You can use it to achieve an elegant or modern look, no matter which one you choose, you and your hair will look fantastic. 

Even though it is a light and comfortable hairband, you need to take extra care of it, since its material is more prone to wear and tear. With a good maintenance you will achieve that this accessory continues to provide embellishment to your appearance.  

4- Star studd knot hairband

Star studd knot hairband

If your intention is to get a cute hairband with figures, this accessory is your best choice! Many times we are looking for something practical in design, and, a star headband will become our favorite tool to create an easy hairband hairstyle.

Without a doubt, using this accessory will make you feel like a princess. The stars will highlight your hair, making it look neat and tidy. Get these hairbands online, in different colors, and always wear the best hair accessories!

Why buy headbands?

There are many reasons why you should get a headband. Whether you want a way to get a fun style for the day, or if you want to give your hair the break from straightening and curling, headbands are definitely the answer!

These accessories give you the freedom to design your hair the way you want, they are also very affordable and easy to find. In addition, today, there is a wide range of materials ranging from stretch headbands, fabric bands, headbands with flowers, among others, that will make you have an accessory for the occasion.  

Also, if you are looking for a practical but beautiful gift, headbands will be your ally. This way, you will show how thoughtful you can be with your friends by taking care of their style and making them look spectacular.  

Some benefits of using these headbands are:

  • Create different looks and hairstyles instantly.
  • It is a low-maintenance accessory.
  • They are versatile to be worn with any outfit.
  • You can get them at various stores.
  • They are usually very affordable hair accessories in prices.
  • You can combine it with other types of hair accessories.

Get the best hairbands in Canada

In this list we have listed you 4 hairband designs that will undoubtedly beautify your hair. However, you may need more designs and we have them! In our store, you will find various styles of hairbands online. Just visit our hair accessories catalog and select your favorite.

On the other hand, you can visit us at 4050 Rue Jean-Talon OH4P 1V5, Montréal, QC, in case you want to know the diversity of products ranging from clothing, handbags, jewelry, hats, among others, to make your seasonal outfit. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and not miss any promotion or new item. It will always be a pleasure to serve you at Boutique Deauville!

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