Hair Care: Benefits of Royal Jelly


No doubt you already know that royal jelly is the food of the queen bee. This is a viscous liquid, concentrated in proteins, minerals, vitamins, among other nutrients.

The richness of the royal jelly is evident: the queen feeds exclusively on it and lives up to five-years! The larvae also feed exclusively on royal jelly for three days to nourish themselves and prepare for their daily lives!

The amount of nutrients present in royal jelly is according to the age of the queen bee, her nutritional needs and the climate, to mention a few factors.


Due to its high concentration of nutrients, royal jelly is made by bees exclusively in the quantities necessary for the queen, thus avoiding waste.

These great feats of nature are exploited in the field of cosmetics, especially in hair care.

Due to its high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, royal jelly deeply restores each strand, while strengthening the scalp.

The carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and amino acids present improve the texture of the hair, leaving it softer, shinier and more beautiful.

Royal jelly is a key ingredient in restoring hair damaged by daily weathering or the continued use of chemical treatments.

It also provides various nutrients, which are of great value in restoring dry hair.

How does royal jelly work on your hair?

By integrating the superactive royal jelly serum into your cleansing ritual, you enhance hair growth. This is because royal jelly has a high concentration of vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B8.

The group of B vitamins prevents hair loss while stimulating the increase of the natural production of keratin. It also nourishes the hair follicles.

By restoring the keratin levels, the hair improves its structure and the cuticle is strengthened, preventing what we commonly know as split ends.

With strong strands and nourished follicles, hair will grow smoothly and healthily. Our royal jelly serum also delays the premature appearance of gray hair.

Because of its concentration of vitamin B8 or biotin, royal jelly also provides elasticity and strength to each strand.

Because it stimulates circulation along each strand of hair, more nutrients get to the ends, greatly improving the hair's appearance.

But not only does it look better, each strand breaks less and recovers its thickness thanks to the presence of the biotin.

Vitamin B8 also balances acidity or ph levels. The ph is raised for various reasons such as the use of dyes, shampoos or treatments, or by constant bathing in pools or sea water.

The high ph makes the hair porous, but when it returns to its proper levels it recovers its shine and softness.

Royal jelly also contains folic acid. This is a nutrient that contributes to cellular repair, that is, it restructures the hair and makes it less brittle.

It also stimulates the absorption of other vitamins, thus improving the appearance. It also reduces hair loss.

Royal jelly also works as a natural anti-bacterial, so it corrects problems of dandruff and excess bait.

As one of its active ingredients is inositol, it is an ally to solve alopecia diagnoses. Inositol is responsible for the renewal of follicles and cells, while moisturizing the hair.

The royal jelly provides a deep renewal of each hair strand, its concentrated assets make it a powerful hair restructuring, restoring the beauty and welfare of a comprehensive

Royal Jelly Serum can be used on all hair types, especially on damaged, dry or damaged hair.


As hair can lose its beauty influenced by pollution, the aggressions of the climate, the passage of time or the use of various treatments, royal jelly serum will restore its vitality.

This presentation is available in six packages for individual use, so that it does not lose its properties when the content is left open. Feel a positive change in your hair from the first moment: soft, easy to handle and without irritation.

Soon your hair will look perfect. Make this royal jelly treatment part of your hair care routine.

This is a treatment in every way, apply it and let it act on your hair. No need to rinse, just distribute it evenly from the roots to the ends with a gentle massage.

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