5 hair accessories that every woman should have

Every season brings with it some of the most exciting and stylish hair accessories that you can't afford to miss. A simple detail in your hairstyle will add that personal touch to your look. So, if you're planning on going out to a party or event, these accessories will be a great way to make sure everyone notices your style.

Of course, in any online hair accessories store, you will find a variety of styles and designs. However, to save you that headache when shopping, here are the best hair accessories that every woman should have.

1- Hairbands

Hairbands are a trend in any season of the year. There are a myriad of styles such as the hairband bracelet, braided, classic, with a bow, among others. However, each one adds something different to your look.

The main benefit of this type of hair accessory is its usefulness in keeping your hair in place; that is, you don't have to worry about strands getting in the way of your face. Also, they are very comfortable and you can create any desired look. Here are some alternatives:

Crossover velvet hairband

Velvet hairbands are perfect for glamorous styling. Although it may be an under-appreciated type of fabric, it deserves due recognition among the types of hair accessories on this list. Don't be afraid to bring out that sparkling side of you with a velvet band in cheerful shades.

Large swarovski bow hairband

Another different option, is this bow band with decorative Swarovski crystals. Perfect for a more eye-catching look at a party. Remember to choose a band that fits the size of your head.

Leopard puf hairband

In the fall season leopard print is very fashionable; therefore, a good choice in hair accessories for women, is this leopard hairband. You can wear it with quilted sweaters or black bodysuits. 

Velvet pearl top knot hairband

Pearls are very popular to wear in important events, they convey elegance. With this band design, you will get a refined look. However, take care in its maintenance to prevent this accessory from losing its luster.

2- Hair scrunchies

Hair scrunchies have been around since the 1980s. They are a great way to add some fun, color and texture to your hair. They are also a great alternative to hair bun accessories. Create a variety of ponytails in your hair, from low to high. Here are some of the designs available:

Large satin scrunchies

The scrunchies made of satin material are your perfect choice to combine with outfits made of the same fabric. That way, you will shine with your outfit anywhere you go. However, you can also complete it with other outfits, as long as you choose a suitable color.

Waffle scrunchies

Looking for a more casual design? With these hair accessories you will have a more youthful look. You can combine it with pastel-toned outfits to show off your feminine side.

Pearl satin scrunchies

If you don't like big, fluffy scrunchies, then you can get a subtler and sophisticated style with this accessory. It can be used to create low ponytails without damaging or breaking your hair, as its elastic adapts to the thickness of your hair, so don't miss out on yours!  

3- Hair clips

Hair clips are the most basic but indispensable hair accessories that every woman needs to have. Their main advantage is that you can create simple hairstyles in seconds. No matter what size you choose, hair clips will get you out of trouble. Here are our recommendations:

No bend seemless hair pins

No bend seemless hair pins

These hairpins are available in different colors and designs. So you will have an accessory for every day. You can combine it with some floral hair accessories for a more radiant look.

Luxury sparkly pins

Luxury sparkly pins

These clips are larger in size, which means that their hair-gripping ability is greater. Hairpins are one of the easiest ways to customize your hairstyles. For example, you can use one to pin your hair back or position it in a different direction, until you have the look you want. 

4- Hair bows

Other trends in hair accessories online, are hair bows. They are known to offer ease in creating hairstyles. In fact, it is known as one of the best hair accessories for braids, as you can add the bow in between the braid or you can use it at the end of your braid, in a bun figure.

5- Side combs

Side combs are hair accessories with two functions. The first, you can use it as a normal brush to detangle your hair or make it more manageable. The second function, it becomes a simple but beautiful ornament, which is placed at one end of your hair. 

You can combine this comb with other vintage hair accessories and it won't look bad! You simply need to choose the design and color according to the look you want to have for your occasion. On the other hand, keep in mind that these side combs are more flattering for thinner hair.

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