GHD Hair Tools Review - check it out!

There are many different GHD hair tools on the market. The Platinum+ Styler is one of the most popular, and it has been a staple of hairstyling for over 20 years. Other models include the GHD Max, Unplugged, and Mini. Let's take a look at what each model has to offer.

GHD Platinum+ Styler

If you're looking to improve your look and image, the Plate for Capelli Platinum+ Styler is a great tool to consider. With its incredibly precise heat control and powerful styling features, this tool will leave you with beautiful, polished hair in no time. You'll be ready to hit the town with a glamorous new look!

The Platinum+ Styler is equipped with advanced predictive technology and ultra-zone sensors to create a hairstyle that suits your hair. The floating plates in the Platinum+ styler monitor heat 250 times per second. This feature automatically adjusts power delivery and temperature to give you the perfect style, even on thick and thin hair. It also has an auto shut-off feature that shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity, so you don't have to worry about accidentally overheating your hair.


A GHD Max hair tool is one of the best hair tools that can enhance your beauty and image. This hair tool utilizes all the advantages and benefits of GHD products, allowing you to create the perfect look. Its Platinum 20th Anniversary design is a special edition that exploits the advantages of GHD products and other hair accessories. This model is 100% original, and comes with a platinum plate for a special anniversary.

The GHD MAX HAIR STRAIGHTENER features curved edges to make styling hair easier. This feature makes it easier to achieve poker-straight styles without any frizz. This straightener is also great for creating beachy waves. It comes with a swivel cord, which is helpful when styling hard-to-reach areas. The cord also allows for greater flexibility when flat ironing hair.

GHD Unplugged

The GHD Unplugged cordless styler is a lightweight tool that has a controlled 185-degree heat setting. The rounded barrel shape can be used to create both straight and curly styles. It comes in a heat-resistant case to protect the hair from the heat. One downside of the Unplugged is the short battery life. However, it has a few advantages.

The lightweight design of the GHD Unplugged makes it ideal for people on the go. It is 46 per cent lighter than its competitors and only weighs 300g. It also delivers 65 per cent more shine. The Unplugged can even be charged away from the wall, making it a good choice for travelers.

GHD Mini

The GHD Mini hair tools are a fantastic way to straighten hair, while also highlighting your beauty and image. The brand name is synonymous with excellent hair styling products and you can be sure that the GHD Mini straightener you buy will be 100% original. Its innovative design and smooth operation will help you achieve the perfect straight and shiny hair you've always wanted.

This compact straightener is lightweight and cordless, with a single temperature setting that does not exceed 185 degC. It has a heat-resistant case for added safety, and features an ergonomically designed firm grip. The heating plates are also small and can't catch large amounts of hair. This means it's great for light curls, and not for thick, unmanageable styles.

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