4 fall hats to stay warm and look great

The cold weather is still with us! That means it's time to break out the best fall hats. These items will be a must-have for you if you want to stay warm and comfortable for outdoor activities without any trouble.

There are several types of hats for women; there are cowboy hats, fisherman hats, wool hats, among others. However, not all of them will make you look spectacular. For that reason, at Boutique Deauville, we have selected the 4 best fall hats for women that you need to have in your closet. Let's get started!

1- Leopard beanie

Women's hats with pom-poms never go out of fashion in autumn. They bring a captivating and fluffy design to people's eyes. The eye-catching thing about these types of fall hats is the prints alluding to exotic animal fur.         

It is a warm hat that, because of its color, matches perfectly with the season. In addition, it offers you comfort and more coverage so you can keep your head and part of your ears protected. You can create beautiful outfits if you choose quilted sweatshirts or knitted sweaters. 

2- Rhinestone detailed soft tuque

Rhinestone detailed soft tuque

One of the warm hats for women that should not be missing in your collection, is this Rhinestoned Embellished hat. Its style is more eye-catching and chic, which makes it the ideal accessory for your most casual outfits this season.

You have the possibility to get it in different color versions, so, you can use each one to match the tone of your shirt, sweater, jacket or bag.  Unlike the previous wool haps, this one contains a real fur pompom.

Among fall hats, this one will allow you to perfectly wear your hair down, without worrying about messing up your hair during your date or casual event. So don't hesitate to complete your fall hat closet with this option.

3- Smiley beanie

Who says women's fall hats can't express your emotions? You can do it thanks to this adorable hat featuring a smiley face figure. With this design, you will definitely bring a touch of joy and positivity to any boring outfit. 

It is available in black color, in case you want to have a versatile hat to combine with any garment; also, it is in white color, to highlight the tender and warm side of your style; finally, the green color, which is ideal to remember the freshness of nature in autumn. Just select the crochet hat of your choice.

4- Cable knit beanie 

Cable knit beanie

There is no doubt that wool hats for women are the forte of this list. Another option available for you, is this snow-white hat. Crochet hat patterns are the main feature why people want to purchase them.  

One of its benefits is that you can wash it without any problem. And, thanks to its thickness, you'll have adequate shelter and protection for your head. You'll feel so comfortable that you'll end up forgetting you're wearing it. Don't run out of your fall hats for women this 2021!

Other fall hat styles for you

Of course, the world of hats for women is wide, and so that you have other alternatives for this fall season, we present these styles that will also make you look fabulous:  

Trapper hat

Leaving aside the crocheted hats, this hat will allow you to resist high freezing temperatures. In addition, it is very eye-catching because of its earflaps that provide warmth and durability. It is usually made of polyester, wool or even synthetic fur.  

Fisherman hat

Fisherman hats can also offer the benefits of a warm crocheted hat. These, are trending in fall because of their bucket design, reminiscent of the glorious fashion of the 1990s. One option for you is:


It contains a square design in dark colors; however, you can also get it in brown shades. Not only will it be a good choice of fall hats for the cold weather, but it will also protect you from the rain.  

Fedora Hats

For the cooler fall seasons, a belted Fedora hat is a good choice, especially the larger sized ones. These types of fall hats are unisex, and you just need to know which outfits you can wear it with for a sophisticated look.  

Get your fall hats at the best store in Montreal

These are some of the fall hats that can give you a good coat and make you look fabulous. However, if you want to continue to know more crochet hats for women or other style, you can visit our store located at 4050 Rue Jean-Talon OH4P 1V5, Montreal, QC.

At Boutique Deauville, you will find a wide collection of winter clothing, accessories and jewelry, which will help you to put together your outfit this season. If you don't want to miss our promotions or new products, subscribe to our newsletter.  

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