Body waxing: which products to use?

Body waxing which products to use

First impressions are the most important of all, and if you want your body to dazzle from head to toe, you should consider body waxing to improve your body hygiene.

Body hygiene is a unique attribute that you should appreciate. However, there are new trends where naturalness beats stigma, and maintaining a hairy body is deepened to look a certain way, such as women leaving hair on their armpits, and so-called “bear men”.

Nevertheless, we will show you how to use body waxing to your advantage, and what products you can use before, during and after your hair removal treatment.

What is body waxing?

What is body waxing?

Body hair removal is a process that applies certain cosmetic or technological products to remove the hair covering the skin. Nowadays, hair removal can be practiced on any area of the body, but prior knowledge is required since the body has areas on the skin that are much more sensitive than others.

Techniques applied in body hair removal include various tools, such as razors, electric shavers, tweezers, and even depilatory creams; but this time we will focus on waxing.

This beauty treatment is very common in women; however, the increasing amount of men clients is a considerable number that should be taken into account as well since it is a process that works perfectly for everyone.

Waxing: everything you need to know


Wax is a resin that can be melted or cooled, and has been a depilatory tool used by professionals for perfect body hair removal. Results are more effective than other hair removal methods. In addition, it is a simple way to remove body hair even from your own home.

There are several types of hair removal waxes that fall into two categories: cold wax and hot wax.

Cold wax is a nicer version for those who cannot tolerate high temperatures. Cold wax is known for its “strip wax” presentation, which is a thin layer of wax placed on a pair of strips that require friction to generate some heat to peel off.

Cold wax benefits are:

  1. They can be used at home
  2. It is suitable for legs with varicose veins
  3. Fast and effective hair removal

Hot wax is the most common version for body hair removal, usually in the area of the legs, bikini area, armpits and face (in the case of women), and also on the chest, back and arms (in the case of men).

If you want hot wax to work, you must melt it using a heating device that generates high temperatures, and with the help of other tools such as a spatula or a roll-on, the wax is applied to the area to be waxed.

Hot wax benefits are

  1. Prolonged results
  2. Suitable for resistant skins (not suitable for sensitive skins).
  3. Useful for long and thick hair

Now that you know more about the types of hair removal wax, we will show you how to remove hair step by step.

Hair removal wax: step by step

Body waxing is available to those who need it the most. If you have enough spare time and enough experience, we believe you are capable of waxing yourself, but if you are not ready to do it, you can always come to Boutique Deauville to look beautiful and feel at home.

Before proceeding to wax your body, you must make sure to execute the following steps:

Exfoliation and cleansing

Exfoliation prior to waxing is an important step. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the area to be waxed, allowing for easier and painless hair removal.

Once you’ve done your exfoliation section, you should cleanse the exfoliated area to remove the dead cell debris and leave the skin ready for waxing.

If you are not familiar with a skin exfoliator, we at  recommend using our KIMIKA cleanser. It’s great for exfoliating and cleansing the skin, just pour a small portion on a piece of cotton, and apply to the area to be waxed.


Once the body part to be waxed has been exfoliated and cleansed beforehand, it’s time for waxing. As mentioned above, you can use cold wax or hot wax. For both depilatory treatments, you need to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

KIMIKA depilatory wax is an excellent choice for your skin, as it is the most painless wax on the market, and its coconut, raspberry, lemonade and maple sugar essences will make your experience unforgettable.

If you will be using KIMIKA hot wax, heat the wax in 30-second intervals.

Now, the spatula is an essential tool for spreading the wax on the skin. Once the wax has been applied, use the cloth wax strips to remove the wax. This is done by pulling the cloth strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

If you will be using cold wax strips, use your hands to rub both sides of the strips together, creating friction between them, peel off the strips, and proceed to place the strip on the area to be waxed. Press, add more friction, and remove in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Final cleansing and moisturizing

When you finish waxing, whether it’s hot or cold wax, there will be residue left behind that you’ll need to remove from your skin.

KIMIKA’s post-waxing lotion with vitamin E and coconut oil is the most effective way to remove wax residue, while at the same time repairing the skin with its powerful renewing action. In addition to healing and repairing cell tissue, it also reduces inflammation and gives the skin a natural glow.

You should moisturize the skin with moisturizing body creams or aloe vera gels after applying the post-depilatory lotion.

If you want to know more products of the KIMIKA brand, do not hesitate to visit our category of hair removal products to discover much more.

Benefits of waxing body hair removal

Benefits of waxing body hair removal

The truth is that body waxing is a divine alternative as a hair removal treatment, and now we will prove it to you with the following benefits:

  1. It will take about 4 weeks for the hair to come out again, thus giving you a long-lasting hair removal.
  2. With each epilation, the thickness of the veil will become thinner. Therefore, it will be easier to pull out at the root in future sessions.
  3. The wax will leave your skin silky smooth and shiny.
  4. Variety of products for different skin types.
  5. Accessible to most parts of the body. 

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