New year, new skin: These are the best skin care products for 2023!

2023 is here! And what better way to commemorate it than by looking smooth, healthy and youthful. Thanks to the best skin care products from Boutique Deauville, today it's possible for you and everyone else to start this year with an enviable appearance.

As we know, the skin is the largest organ of the human body and plays an essential role in protecting the body, especially as we are increasingly facing a polluted and stressed world. Therefore, it is important to provide it with a proper care routine and use the best skin care brands in the process.

In this year 2023 together with Boutique Deauville, you have at your disposal a variety of high-quality products. If you want to know in more detail what are the best skin care products, what are their functions and benefits, then we bring you an ideal list for you, read on!

Lait Nettoyant

Lai Nettoyant


When it comes to creating a skin care routine, one of the best skin care products you can include is the amazing Lait Nettoyant from the Yon-ka brand. It is one of the most popular choices for cleansing the face and removing impurities, but it is also an excellent product that refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

Lait Nettoyant is a cleanser that we recommend applying in the evening, after a long day of work. Thanks to its vegetable ingredients, you will see how your skin will achieve a satiny, soft and totally smooth finish.

Native Collagen Gel

The face is one of the parts of the body that you need to pay more attention to, not only because it represents our image, but also because it is where the passage of time is most expressed. If you are an older person and you are looking for the best anti-aging products for 40 and over, Native Collagen Gel is one of the right ones for you.

Our Native Collagen Gel is an amazing anti-aging cream that can be used daily for a month at a time. Thanks to its formula, it takes care of smoothing out telltale lines and wrinkles, offers a smooth texture and even exfoliates those problem areas of the face. What are you waiting for to try one of the best skin care products from the G.M. Collin brand!

Crème à la vitamine C Lime

Another one of the best skin care products you need for nighttime is Crème à la vitamine C Lime. It is made with orange juice along with vitamin C to ensure better brightening, revitalizing, moisturizing and improved elasticity. It's also an excellent product to fight those pesky aging lines and bring back the youthfulness of your skin. 

The Sublime Oil

If you want your skin to look young and healthy as the years go by, then one of the best skin care products you need to include is The Sublime Oil. The Luzern brand is known for its amazing organic ingredients, so their products are guaranteed to protect and rejuvenate your face in general. 

In the case of The Sublime Oil, two drops of this deliciously light oil leaves skin feeling soft and silky to the touch, while helping to smooth the appearance of emerging lines and wrinkles. No more worrying about external stressors - try it now!

Cucumber Hydrating Mask

Cucumber is one of the most popular ingredients for moisturizing the face, but it is also praised for containing vitamins, antioxidants and a host of other skin-healthy nutrients. So to enjoy these benefits, our Cucumber Hydrating Mask will make sure your face looks perfect.

Facial masks have proven to be one of the best skin care products. The high water content of cucumber helps regulate the water balance in the skin, especially when the skin is heated or exposed to heat. The cucumber peel itself is an excellent source of silica, which helps firm the skin and improve the dull appearance.

Classic Face SPF 50-Fragrance Free Lotion

Face SPF 50 Fragrance Free Lotion


When it comes to the best skin care products, the Coola brand is no slouch. Our skin is always exposed to many environmental pollutants, especially the sun. That's why with Coola's amazing sunscreen, you no longer have to worry about the dreaded UV rays.

Lip Enhancing Treatment

Wouldn't you like to start 2023 with enviable lips? Of course you would! Thanks to our Lip Enhancing Treatment, you can now enjoy full lips that are healthier than ever. It is a product completely designed for all skin types and made with natural ingredients. 

City D-Tox Eye Contour

Another one of the best skin care products you can't miss is City D-Tox Eye Contour. It is a revolutionary serum that helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness in the eye area. In addition, it is a hydrating and revitalizing gel that works to instantly refresh the skin.

Exfozyme G.M Collin

G.M. Collin's Exfozyme is an exfoliating mask with water-activated enzymes. In short, it does a good job of removing dead skin cells from the face. The result you'll have is a more youthful-looking face free of impurities, such as makeup residue. Try one of the best skin care products, especially a complete cleanser like this one!

Opacifying Balance Lotion

If you want to complete your skin care routine, then don't forget our Balance Opacifying Lotion. It is an amazing product that is guaranteed to mattify all skin types with skin imperfections. Thanks to its silver minerals, it reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and does not damage makeup.

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