Best Davines Hair Products For All Hair Types

Davines Protein-free hair products are an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to excessive protein in their shampoos and conditioners. They can give hair a more luminous luster and reduce breakage and frizz. They also reduce the chances of color fading. Fortunately, there are many protein-free hair care options available.

Overloading your hair with too much protein can damage the strands, making it brittle and elastic. When this occurs, it takes weeks or months to repair the damage. To prevent this, choose 

protein-free products for your weekly and daily wash and conditioner. If you feel you must use a protein-rich product, try using a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment first.

Protein is necessary for healthy hair, but too much can cause damage. If your hair is already damaged, too much protein will cause it to become stiff and brittle. Protein overload is the result of using too many products with high levels of protein. Moisture helps combat protein overload, but you should avoid using too many products with high amounts of protein, as the damage will take longer to repair.

If you want to avoid protein-heavy shampoos and conditioners, try using coconut oil instead. Coconut oil is one of the most common substitutes for protein, and it has many of the same benefits for hair. Coconut oil is particularly useful for those with sensitive hair, as it may have a similar effect on the hair as protein.

Davines For All Hair Types

Normal hair doesn’t require much more than the basics—but why stop there? Our OI Davines Line  is enriched with Roucou Oil to deeply hydrate, soothe, and nourish every hair and skin type. Think of it as a moment of indulgence in your otherwise busy day.

Davines Products For Dry & Dehydrated Hair

For normal hair that’s dry—as it can be after a weekend in the sun—consider the MOMO shampoo and conditioner from the Essential Haircare range. Infused with vitamin- and mineral-rich Cartucciaru Melon extract, the MOMO formulas work to replenish dehydrated hair and boost shine without weighing hair down.


Davines Hair Products For Curly Hair

Our LOVE curl shampoo and conditioner deliver volume, shine, and manageability to waves and curls with the help of almond extract. 


Davines Hair Products For Frizz & Unruly Hair

For more unruly or frizz-prone curls, LOVE smoothing shampoo and conditioner harness the power of Minuta Olive extract, which is abundant in nourishing fatty acids and Vitamin E, to soften and moisturize hair. The creamy formulas hydrate as they cleanse for smooth, frizz-free hair.


Davines Hair Products For Damaged & Dry Hair

For hair that’s both dry and damaged, try the Naturaltech Nourishing Shampoo and conditioner from our Naturaltech line. With gentle surfactants and soothing grape phytoceuticals, they leave hair clean and smooth.


Davines Hair Products For Fine Hair

Our DEDE shampoo and conditioner   cleanses hair and leaves it healthy, shiny, and balanced. For those seeking more volume, 

 VOLU shampoo helps keep fine hair lifted, offers visible volume, and won’t weigh it down.


The benefits of using protein-free hair products are many. The first is that they will prevent your hair from becoming damaged by excessive protein. If you already have damaged hair, protein over-load can cause breakage, dryness, or a straw-like feel. Also, over-loading your hair with proteins is harmful, as it can make it

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