Are Moroccanoil Products Curly Girl Friendly?

The Curly Girl Method has revolutionized the way individuals with curly hair approach their hair care routine. With a focus on embracing natural curls and avoiding harmful ingredients, many are left wondering if popular products, like those from Moroccanoil, align with this method. This article explores whether Moroccanoil products are Curly Girl friendly by examining their ingredients, usage, and consumer feedback.

Key Takeaways

  • Moroccanoil products prominently feature argan oil, which is beneficial for moisturizing and conditioning curly hair.
  • Some Moroccanoil products contain silicones, which are generally avoided in the Curly Girl Method due to potential buildup.
  • Consumer reviews are mixed; while many praise the moisturizing effects, others caution against the use of certain ingredients.
  • Proper application techniques can enhance the benefits of Moroccanoil products for curly hair, such as applying to damp hair and using a diffuser.
  • Comparing Moroccanoil with other curly hair brands like DevaCurl, SheaMoisture, and Ouidad can help determine the best fit for individual hair needs.

Understanding the Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method, created by Lorraine Massey, is a hair care approach designed to enhance and maintain the natural texture of curly hair. It focuses on eliminating damaging products and techniques that can harm curly hair, promoting healthier and more defined curls.

Key Ingredients in Moroccanoil Products

Argan Oil

Argan oil is the cornerstone of Moroccanoil products. This precious and rare oil is packed with antioxidants and is harvested from the nut of the argan tree. It provides moisture and conditioning to the hair and scalp, boosting shine levels, protecting against damage, reducing frizz, and improving elasticity. Argan oil is a key ingredient in many Moroccanoil products, including the [moroccanoil moisture repair shampoo](#9215) and the [moroccanoil smoothing conditioner](#7928).

Linseed Extract

Linseed extract, also known as flaxseed extract, is another vital ingredient in Moroccanoil products. It moisturizes and strengthens hair while boosting shine levels and protecting against environmental aggressors. This ingredient is particularly beneficial for those with curly hair, as it helps to maintain the hair's natural texture and prevent frizz.

Other Common Ingredients

Moroccanoil products also contain a variety of other beneficial ingredients, including:

  • Glycerin: A humectant that attracts moisture to the hair.
  • Dimethicone: A silicone that provides smoothness and shine.
  • Polyquaternium-11: A conditioning agent that helps to detangle hair and reduce static.
When using Moroccanoil products, it's essential to purchase from an [authorized retailer](#3a41) to ensure you are getting genuine beauty products. Avoid counterfeit products online to protect your hair and scalp from potential harm.

These ingredients work together to provide a comprehensive hair care solution that addresses various hair concerns, from dryness and frizz to damage and lack of shine.

Analyzing Moroccanoil's Popular Products

Curl Defining Cream

Moroccanoil's Curl Defining Cream is a standout product for those with curly hair. Apply 1–2 pumps of Moroccanoil® Curl Defining Cream to towel-dried hair. Distribute product throughout hair and diffuse to activate and define curls. For a more relaxed curl, let hair dry naturally. This cream is known for its ability to enhance and define curls while providing intense hydration and moisture.

Intense Curl Cream

The Intense Curl Cream by Moroccanoil is designed for natural curls and waves. It contains nourishing argan oil and vitamins that hydrate and fight frizz. Apply to damp or dry hair for soft, shiny results. This product is particularly effective for those looking to maintain defined, frizz-free curls.

Hydrating Styling Cream

Moroccanoil's Hydrating Styling Cream is another popular choice. This cream provides moisture and conditioning to the hair and scalp, boosting shine levels, protecting against damage, reducing frizz, and improving elasticity. It's a versatile product that can be used on both damp and dry hair to achieve a smooth, polished look.

How to Use Moroccanoil Products for Curly Hair

To achieve the best results with Moroccanoil products, start by applying 1–2 pumps of Moroccanoil® Curl Defining Cream to towel-dried hair. Distribute the product evenly throughout your hair and use a diffuser to activate and define curls. For a more relaxed curl, let your hair dry naturally. When using the Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo, massage it into wet hair, rinse, and follow with a conditioner for long-lasting results.

For optimal results, use Moroccanoil products 2–3 times a week. This frequency helps maintain hydration and manageability without causing product buildup. The Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream can be used daily to tame frizz and refresh styles, providing a soft, natural feel.

Moroccanoil products can be combined with other styling products to enhance their effectiveness. For instance, you can use the Moroccanoil Curl Enhancing Shampoo with argan oil for soft, defined curls. Always ensure you are purchasing from an authorized retailer to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the products.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback

Positive Experiences

Many users have shared their satisfaction with Moroccanoil products. For instance, the Curl Defining Cream has received praise for enhancing curls, making hair soft, and reducing frizz. Customers appreciate the pleasant fragrance and the non-greasy feel of the products. One user mentioned that the Intense Curl Cream left their hair feeling silky and smooth, even after years of dyeing.

Common Concerns

Despite the positive feedback, some users have raised concerns. A few customers noted that the Luminous Extra Strong Finish Hairspray had an initial unpleasant smell, although it dissipated quickly. Others mentioned that while the products are effective, they can be a bit pricey compared to other brands.

Expert Opinions

Experts generally agree that Moroccanoil products are beneficial for curly hair due to their high-quality ingredients like argan oil and linseed extract. However, they advise users to be cautious of potential product buildup and to use the products as directed to avoid any adverse effects.

It's essential to choose the right product for your hair type and needs to get the best results from Moroccanoil's range.
Product Positive Feedback Common Concerns
Curl Defining Cream Enhances curls, reduces frizz Pricey
Intense Curl Cream Leaves hair silky and smooth None noted
Luminous Extra Strong Finish Hairspray Effective hold Initial unpleasant smell

Overall, Moroccanoil products have garnered a loyal following, with many users recommending them for their effectiveness and quality.

Comparing Moroccanoil with Other Curly Hair Brands

When it comes to curly hair care, several brands stand out, each offering unique benefits and formulations. Moroccanoil is renowned for its argan oil-infused products, which provide moisture, shine, and frizz control. However, how does it compare to other popular curly hair brands?


DevaCurl is a favorite among curly-haired individuals for its commitment to the Curly Girl Method. Their products are free from sulfates, silicones, and parabens, making them ideal for maintaining healthy curls. DevaCurl's range includes cleansers, conditioners, and styling products specifically designed to enhance and define curls without causing damage.


SheaMoisture offers a wide variety of products catering to different curl types and needs. Their formulations often include natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and hibiscus extract. SheaMoisture is also known for its affordability and accessibility, making it a go-to choice for many curly-haired consumers.


Ouidad specializes in products tailored for different curl patterns, from loose waves to tight coils. Their products are designed to provide hydration, definition, and frizz control. Ouidad also offers a range of treatments and styling solutions that cater to the unique needs of curly hair.

While Moroccanoil's light treatment is excellent for fine hair, providing frizz control and promoting softness, other brands like DevaCurl and SheaMoisture offer more specialized solutions for various curl types.

Here's a quick comparison of some key features:

Brand Key Ingredients Unique Selling Point
Moroccanoil Argan Oil, Linseed Extract Lightweight, frizz control, shine
DevaCurl Botanical Extracts, No Sulfates Curly Girl Method approved
SheaMoisture Shea Butter, Coconut Oil Natural ingredients, affordability
Ouidad Botanical Oils, Proteins Tailored for different curl patterns

In conclusion, while Moroccanoil offers excellent products for curly hair, especially for those looking for a lightweight, hydrating solution, brands like DevaCurl, SheaMoisture, and Ouidad provide more specialized options tailored to different curl types and needs.

Tips for Curly Hair Care with Moroccanoil

Avoiding Product Buildup

To prevent product buildup, it's essential to use the right amount of product. Apply as much or as little of this miracle oil as your curls need. Overuse can lead to heavy, greasy hair, while underuse might not provide the desired benefits. Regularly clarify your hair with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to remove any residue.

Maintaining Moisture

Maintaining moisture is crucial for curly hair. Moroccanoil products, especially those infused with argan oil, are excellent for this purpose. Use a hydrating conditioner like the hydrating conditioner - moroccanoil after shampooing for best results. This daily-use formula helps keep your hair smoother and more manageable.

Protecting Against Heat Damage

Heat styling can be particularly damaging to curly hair. To protect your curls, always use a heat protectant before applying any heat. Moroccanoil's repair mending infusion is a great option as it reduces dryness, fights frizz, and prevents breakage. Apply it to dry ends for a fresh-cut look.

Consistent care and the right products can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of your curly hair.

Discover the best tips for curly hair care with Moroccanoil! Our range of argan-oil-infused products, including the Curl Defining Cream and Intense Curl Cream, will leave your curls looking and feeling their best. Visit our website to explore our full collection and find the perfect products for your curly hair needs.


In conclusion, Moroccanoil products offer a range of benefits for curly hair, thanks to their key ingredient, argan oil, which provides moisture, shine, and frizz control. While some products in the Moroccanoil line may contain silicones, which are not always favored by those following the Curly Girl Method, many users find that these products help in managing and defining their curls effectively. It is essential to read the ingredient list and choose products that align with your specific hair care needs and preferences. Overall, Moroccanoil products can be a valuable addition to your curly hair care routine, provided you select the right formulations for your hair type and styling goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Moroccanoil products suitable for the Curly Girl Method?

Some Moroccanoil products are suitable for the Curly Girl Method, while others contain ingredients like silicones that are generally avoided in this method. Always check the ingredient list to ensure compatibility.

Which Moroccanoil products are best for curly hair?

Moroccanoil's Curl Defining Cream, Intense Curl Cream, and Hydrating Styling Cream are popular choices for curly hair as they help define curls, provide hydration, and reduce frizz.

Can I use Moroccanoil products on color-treated curly hair?

Yes, Moroccanoil products are generally safe for color-treated hair. They contain ingredients like argan oil that help nourish and protect hair, maintaining its color and vibrancy.

How often should I use Moroccanoil products on my curly hair?

The frequency of use depends on your hair type and needs. Generally, using Moroccanoil products 2-3 times a week is sufficient for maintaining hydration and curl definition.

Do Moroccanoil products help with frizz control for curly hair?

Yes, many Moroccanoil products are formulated to help control frizz and provide a smooth, shiny finish to curly hair. Ingredients like argan oil and linseed extract are particularly effective in reducing frizz.

Can I combine Moroccanoil products with other curly hair products?

Yes, you can combine Moroccanoil products with other curly hair products. However, it's important to ensure that the ingredients are compatible to avoid any adverse effects on your hair.

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