Stylish clothing: 5 options to look fabulous in spring 2022

An amazing season has arrived! And this makes us excited because new trends have made their triumphant entry to enchant us and tell us what stylish clothes we will wear during this spring 2022. 

Although 2020, and even part of 2021, has been overshadowed by confinement, this year looks more promising to bring the latest fashion trends and make our closet come alive once again. Now, whether you want to look fabulous inside or outside your home, fashion clothing has been coupled with your needs.

So, if you are collecting women's clothing styles for this season, in this article we will take a look at what's new on fashion runways and social media to bring you our best clothing ideas

What stylish clothes do you find in spring?

Every season, fashion runways become the main source of information to evaluate new trends. However, social media has also gained more prominence as a more dynamic space where fashion hunters collect every detail that offers them the looks of our favorite celebrities.

The presence of oversize


If there's one thing that confinement has left its mark on us, it's wearing more comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. When you spend all day at home, you look for comforting clothes in your closet; it seems that the catwalks have understood this situation and have shown that oversize clothing is still on trend for spring 2022.

In the Carolina Herrera New York collection, voluminous dresses with striped prints (another trend this season) stood out. Also, on the catwalks, have dominated the presence of loose leather jackets, leaving a rocker style image; and oversized blazers, perfect to complete clothing set trends this season.

1- Oversized distressed denim jacket 

To keep you up to date on this trend, why not opt for this beautiful oversized distressed denim jacket? A garment featuring frayed parts and a relaxed fit. You can wear it layered to add a casual style; or, you can wear it as a shirt. It goes perfect to include in the streetwear trends of this 2022.

Y2K Stylish Clothing

How is it possible for a fashion from 2000 to become a trend again in spring 2022? Apparently, generation z has been attracted to crop tops, low rise pants and their whole aesthetic in general. 

However, one of the biggest influences was Blumarine's Spring-Summer 2022 collection, who surprised us by showing off their stylish clothes. Not only were there cropped garments, they also presented the best versions in dresses and pants. On the other hand, the Miu Miu show also did its own thing, as it was a boom! by showing the return of the mini skirt. 

2- High Rise Distressed Wide Leg Jeans

In our store, you can opt for a pair of ripped jeans that contain a flared style. This garment is ideal to pair with a distressed cropped denim jacket with curved hemline. Both will create one of the best clothing ensemble trends, taking Denim as an important feature to introduce you to Y2K fashion.

Bright colors in spring

It seems that spring has meant for many designers to bring back the bright colors. That's why, this season, we will see stylish clothes covered in reds, pinks, oranges and more. The most common has been to see outfits with these bold colors, but sweaters and dresses have also been very popular.

3- 5 Stripe Hoodie

The hooded sweater is a popular clothing any time of the year. In spring, wear this comfortable and unique hoodie for a vintage style. Also, the colorful stripe and explosive green will add a cheerful touch to your outfits. Get yours here.

Neutral colors, minimalist style

For a moment we thought that only bold colors would be in the new trends, but no! The designers of the Chloé Resort and Proenza Schouler 2022 collection show us that in spring we can wear neutral colors.

A return to minimalist style? Apparently yes, we will see simple outfits with colors in dark and white shades. However, they also show us an incredible mix of cool colors with sparkling shades. Perfect for experimenting in spring!

4- Stella Solid Mini Dress


Sometimes you don't need to spend hours thinking about what to wear, just go for a black dress like this one. This will give you a fresh look, ideal for spring; besides, you can complete it with a long cardigan in a cool tone and a pair of comfortable shoes or ankle boots.

Clothes with "cut out" style

In many catwalks we could see the presence of the "cut out" style, such is the case of the Versace fashion show. The trend clothing that stood out the most was that of the singer Dua Lipa, who presented a black outfit with perfect cuts to highlight the figure. Although it is a fashion that was present in the year 2021, today is back stronger than ever.

Webbed Cut-Out Back Athleisure Top

For spring, go for this Japanese sleeve shirt, which offers a demure look in the front and reversed triangle cutouts in the back. If you want to put together your sporty ensemble this season, go for this stylish clothing.

Get more stylish clothes at Boutique Deauville

Trends are changing, so before this season is over, get your stylish clothes with Boutique Deauville. Not only will you find the latest fashions, but you can also choose your own accessories to create beautiful outfits. 

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