Discover 4 hot trends in women's fall clothing

Fall is the time of the year when women can really show their creativity and style in fashion. Magazines, advertisements, catalogs, among others, are in charge of presenting us the variety of fall clothing for women for this 2021.

Therefore, it's important to stay updated on the latest fall clothing trends to make sure you don't miss the opportunity to look great. Below, at Boutique Deauville, we present you 4 trends to take into account if you want to create beautiful outfits for fall. Let's get started!

1- Large jackets

One of the women's clothing trends for fall is the jacket. There is a wide range in styles and designs; however, for this season, loose-fitting jackets are a favorite.  

These clothes are ideal to combat the mild weather. In addition, you can create your fall outfit by adding an urban style jacket with a pair of pants and basic shirt. Some options available at Boutique Deauville are:  

Distressed denim jacket

A long, loose-fitting jacket with a wearable design, ideal for pairing with fall dresses or opting for a simple shirt for a chic, youthful style. In addition, due to the thickness of its fabric, they offer excellent protection against the cold.  


Fall fashion comes along with faux fur. This thick jacket is perfect for women with low tolerance to cold weather. Its softness resembles the warmth of a baby blanket. Just choose your favorite color to complete your fall women's clothing collection.


The plaid design is no slouch either! With the cool color shades of this jacket, you will get a more sophisticated and relaxed look. You can also complete it with a pair of gloves or a scarf. That way, you'll be ready to face this time of the year.

2- Fall dresses

Who says dresses don't look good this season? This type of garment can become your secret weapon for your fall collection. Not only do they accentuate your figure, but you can feel warm, cool and comfortable wherever you go.  

Fall dresses outfits are varied. However, the most comfortable are long dresses with sleeves, as they offer an irresistible coverage that will prevent you from having inconveniences with the weather. A perfect option for you is:

V neck belt long sleeve tiered dress

V neck belt long sleeve tiered dress

Its loose-fitting sleeves and dress length give you a warm coat for the season. It contains a cheetah fur design that matches the color of the season's leaves. It is a suitable investment for your fall clothing closet for women.

3- Pants for fall

Among the fall clothing for women, pants are the garments that you need to choose carefully. Not all styles are ideal for this season. If you are looking for something comfortable and fashionable, you can go for joggers, skinny or baggy jeans. Here are some alternatives:

Denim distressed skinny 

Denim distressed skinny

You can compose several fall outfits for women with this amazing pant. It highlights the length of your legs, and its color fits to wear with trendy sweatshirts or any favorite top.   

WFH modal jogger

Fall fashion for women is all about comfort. A jogger can offer you that and so much more. Great for sitting out on a warm evening with a cup of coffee at home, they're so comfortable you'll find any excuse to wear them!

Geri wide rib pant 

Looking for elegance and comfort in the same combo? With this pant you get it. Thanks to its soft texture, width and elasticity, you can have the freedom to make comfortable movements. Plus, it will give your look a more formal style for your special events.

4- Fall clothing tops for women

The trends of tops in fall clothing for women are wide. You can choose from sweaters, shirts, blouses, bodysuits, among others. However, the most recurrent are the slogan or printed t-shirts and sweaters. Boutique Deauville, the best store in Montreal, has these options for you: 

Elton John yellow brick road boyfriend tee

Vintage style is found in fall clothing in Canada. This shirt can be complemented with a loose jacket. That way, you'll have a retro and fashionable style. 

In addition, this highly versatile piece not only recalls some of John's iconic contributions, but is also a valuable addition to his growing collection of forever favorites.   

Knit long sleeve top

Knit sweaters are a wonder and definitely can't miss on your fall shopping list. It contains elegant lace on the sides, which give pronouncement to your body. Among the fall clothing for women, this will be perfect to withstand the chilly seasonal air. 

Cheetah star and stripes print allover

Don't forget to add this sweater to your fall women's clothing collection. For a casual date, this garment can offer you an ideal combination between shirt and sweater. You just need to put together your outfit with skinny pants and comfortable shoes.

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