Montreal Magic: Unwrapping Joy with Davines Holiday Sets – A Guide to Festive Glamour on a Budget

A Montrealer's Guide to Haircare Gift Giving

Ah, the holiday season in Montreal—a time when the city transforms into a winter wonderland. As a 30-something legal assistant navigating the bustling streets of our vibrant metropolis, finding the perfect gifts that strike the balance between quality and affordability has become an annual quest.

This year, my go-to choice is the enchanting world of Davines holiday sets, a brand that understands the art of self-care and the importance of making every hair flip count in a competitive field.

Davines: A Global Love Affair with Local Montreal Roots

Having spent my formative years in Montreal, where diversity and style are as integral as the bagels, discovering a brand that marries global excellence with a local touch is a delight.

Davines, with its roots in Parma, Italy, feels like a little piece of European sophistication right here in my Canadian home. What started as a local salon brand has blossomed into a global favorite, offering products that not only work wonders on my hair but also align with my values of sustainability.

Choosing Davines: More Than a Haircare Decision

In a city where everyone is vying for attention, presentation is everything and let's be honest: that includes my hair. As a legal assistant, I know that my appearance is my silent spokesperson.

Davines, with its commitment to quality and sustainability, has become my secret weapon. The products are not just about having great hair; they're about feeling confident and ready to face the competitive field.

Truth be told, I just don't have bad hair days with Davines. I trust it and the hairdresser at Salon Deauville who suggested it to me. 

Davines Holiday Sets: Enchanting, Beautiful and (Simply Put) Special

Now, let's dive into why Davines holiday sets are my top pick for the festive season. Take the "Diversity Is a Gift" set pictured below, for instance. It's more than a collection of products; it's a celebration of unique qualities that make the recipient feel genuinely special.

davines haircare holiday set

As someone who values diversity and individuality, this set resonates with me on a personal level, making it the perfect gift for friends who revel in the beauty of our differences.

And then there's the "The Thoughtful and Clever Gift Set" —a gesture to the those in your life whom you want to send a personal message. 

The compliment is built into the gift! How great is that? 

How about some more "message in the title" gifts by Davines?

The Fearless & The Visionary Holiday Set
The Fair And The Intrepid

Sweet, right? 


Black Friday Specials on Davines Gift Sets

Though before I purchase, I will wait until Boutique Deauville runs it Black Friday specials on these special Davines gift sets (Boutique Deauville is a virtual offshoot of my fave salon in Montreal: Salon Deauville).

Like seriously, who doesn't like receiving quality hair product as a gift? Especially something packaged as beautifully as these sets? 

Davines as a Special Gift?

Davines remains my trusted companion for the holidays. From the frosty streets of Montreal to the warmth of family gatherings, these hair-inspired holiday sets are a reflection of my journey, my values and my commitment to bringing out the best in those I love (yes okay, including myself). 

 Cheers to a stylish and joyful holiday season, Montreal-style!

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