easy wedding hairstyles you must give a try in 2022


They say that beauty is in the simplicity and for your wedding day, an easy hairstyle may be the infallible complement you’ve been looking for, so that everything in your look is perfect during your Big Day. 

Nothing should be left to chance (except for that surprisingly tender kiss from your new husband during the slow dance). After all, it’s a stressful day, so the more you take care of it ahead of time, the more you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the experience.

As with the dress, makeup and other important elements, wedding hairstyles are characterized by classic and timeless styles. From the trends we’ve seen on the big bridal runways of the past few seasons, this 2022 that style is stronger than ever. 

But even if the trends tell us one thing, hiring a professional hairstylist and makeup artist will allow you to co-create a look that’s perfect for you. One that accentuates your best features and (simply put) feels like you, which is ultimately the most important thing on your wedding day. 

If you’re getting married soon, here are some of the best easy wedding hairstyle ideas for 2022.

Easy wedding hairstyles 2022: What’s in fashion? 

Contrary to the transformations we seek to obtain for other types of events, in the particular case of weddings, the main objective is that the bride feels comfortable and that her final appearance is a reflection of herself and her personality.

However, fashion experts tell us that this year fresh, relaxed and modern wedding hairstyles will be the most requested in beauty salons.  

However, just a few weeks before the wedding, the most frequently asked questions are: Can I do my own hair for my wedding? How do I do my bridal makeup? 

Each of these questions is completely valid and although some hairstyles are not very difficult to replicate, as we mentioned at the beginning, leaving important details to chance is not a good decision. Lean on a team of experts and look amazing with these bridal hairstyles.

1. Waves 

A fantastic option to look amazing on your wedding day is to complement your bridal style with a loose hairstyle. More specifically, loose hairstyles that contain waves. 

All the hairstyles for this 2022 are very natural, so if you don’t want something very elaborate this can become a good option for you. The wave styles that we will see the most this season in easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair are mermaid waves, undone waves and loose waves that will also give you extra volume. 

If, on the other hand, you want one of the most beautiful long easy wedding hairstyles of the season, besides being more elaborate, romantic and chic, choose vintage or water waves. 

Now, for your hairstyle to stay intact all day long you should choose the best products on the market. Find the best hairsprays for 2022 in our online store.

2. Braids and updos

Crown braids. Think of a medieval princess, riding her white steed. These classic braids are for those with longer hair (or with extensions) as they provide an almost divine yet romantic look, framing the face in a very attractive way. 

And don’t forget that when these crown braids are done correctly, they don’t move until you’re ready to let your tresses out at the end of the night. 

Although this is an easy wedding hairstyle, many claim that it will become the favorite style for brides this 2022, thanks to its practicality and versatility. 

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3. Dreamy accessories 

On the other hand, incorporating accessories into your easy wedding hairstyle can completely elevate your look. Here are some options: 

Headbands with pearls or other jewelry. 

Tiaras add such an innocent and fresh look. And you know what’s the best part? They also have a practical function: keeping your hairstyle in place while keeping your hair out of your face. 

In this sense, this year’s headbands and jewelry are all about minimalism. Fine lines in the hair, with discreet rhinestones, in gold and silver tones and of course, pearls, one of the favorite components for bridal attire, for its classic and elegant look.

Voluminous and feminine bows 

Like tiaras, bows bring a fun and simple innocence to most bridal looks. And just like the tiara, they also secure the hairstyle (after a busy day, this means a lot). Plus, this year’s bows are pearl-encrusted or made of a soft, silky, velvety material for the ultimate in femininity.

4. Veils and headpieces 

Veils and headpieces

Not every bride wants to wear a veil on her wedding day, but there is no doubt that incorporating a veil or headpiece will elevate her final look immensely. In an easy wedding hairstyle, this would be that perfect touch that will make the bride’s look unforgettable. 

All veils look beautiful, especially if you incorporate fresh and youthful touches with floral motifs or semi-precious stones. The important thing is to choose that accessory that makes you feel amazing.

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Extra: easy hairstyles for wedding guests

Many of the tips mentioned here can be applied to hairstyles for wedding guests. Leave your hair down for a glamorous look or adorn a ponytail with pearl or glitter pins to elevate your hairstyle to the next level. 

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Get an unforgettable wedding hairstyle with Boutique Deauville

For your wedding hair to look spectacular on your big day, you need to take care of it beforehand. For this we offer you the following tips:

  • Choose hair care products according to your personal needs.
  • Deeply moisturize your hair. It’s important: get your hair in shape for the Big Day by using nutrient-rich shampoos and deep conditioners. The better the quality of your hair, the better your hairstyle will be.
  • Don’t get a last minute haircut. Many brides make the mistake of making a radical change to their hair at the last minute. The problem is that if the results are not as expected, the process can hardly be reversed. 
  • Based on the above, any changes you decide to make to your hair should be planned at least two weeks in advance. 
  • At-home makeovers are exciting, we know, but we’re sure you don’t want to compromise the well-being of your hair before your wedding. Request a professional makeup, hair styling and color service and get spectacular results.

Hopefully this gives you an overview of this season’s bridal hairstyle trends. Is it critical to the bridal beauty equation? Find a stylist and makeup artist who specializes in bridal hairstyles and makeup. Shop with us for the best wedding hair products, we are Boutique Deauville.

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